Sunday, January 16, 2011


can it really be -40 in Alberta and +18 ( 65) in California? Talk about a very abrupt change in weather! wow!
Snow covered roads and trees sparkling like diamonds in the sun compared to green grass and powerfully blooming pansies! A big change. 
What else is life about than change? Everything changes- dress size, shoe size, friends, houses, countries,  languages, vehicles. Our hearts change too. They toughen, soften, and harden. and hopefully soften again.
We want to grow up fast. and than when we have 'grown up' (to a point) we wish to to be small. We change our hairstyles, the way we clip our finger nails change, we shave more often, shower less. Change is all around us...
  The trees are budding now. I am told I am about to experience the most beautiful time of year here in California- the time when all the almond orchards are in full, bounteous,explosive white blooms! Right now I must admit the only beauty I see in these orchards is the very straight rows in which they are planted! But I shall see- I just may be sleeping in an almond orchard in the next couple of weeks if I find that the blooms of these nuts is so entrancing!!!
  Change is all around us... but how does one adapt to the changes in life that strike us unawares? how do we slowly slug ourselves into changing into something/someone we never thought we would have to become?
  Some change is good. some I must admit I hate. It hurts the soul... It also hurts my feet (if I don't change out of those shoes that kill my feet) The good change is when you change the sheets on your bed to clean ones, are able to buy SMALLER clothes, and when we change into the person we have been  struggling to become, (kinder, more loving, better wife, etc.)
 I am in the roaring, scary midst of change... as are many of you... lets be strong and tough it out. shall we? Lets see what just might become of us... are you scared? I am!! :)


  1. There is a lot of wisdom in this post Jenn. I hear you on the changing part. It never ever stops does it. In a way that is so good, it means we are alive and can't be tempted to simply settle into a comfortably unchallenging way of life. But change can be so painful that it feels like it will tear you int two and sometimes it can be so disheartening when you realize how easy it is to become things you don't want to be.

    I will be praying your changes are good and fruitful and that they bless your life so richly.

    Take care my friend.

  2. Jenn, yes, I am scared, too. But we have come this far so lets put on our big girl panties & keep on plugging ahead... We can do it!!! (I can???? :/ please, help me.) xoxo your-big-sister-that's-trying-everything-just-a-step-ahead-of-you.

  3. I'm scared, especially right now. Sometimes we're not given a choice in what changes and that's scary. The only choice I have right now is how I will react to the changing situation and that doesn't feel like enough. It seems, that as an adult you should have these choices, that you should have more control over which direction you go. It also seems that what is good and right should always triumph over what is bad and immoral - right away. It seems that if you do the right thing good things should happen. But none of this is entirely true and sometimes we have to suffer because of the choices of others. Sometimes the only choice is whether to passively accept changes that appear to be horrible and wrong and trust that God will turn it around as he sees fit or to fight what is horrible and wrong and trust that God will turn it around as he sees fit. Trusting God should be enough. . .you would think. . . lol. . . easy to write, not so easy to do.

  4. You are so right! There is so much change. But my favorite part is that were not in this life-game alone! good post, jenn... missy

  5. Some changes are great! Like a warmer temp... lol!! Sometimes I wish life wouldn't change. I wish I'd still be a youth girl or a newlywed getting to run along with my hubby at the drop of a hat or a new mom of a 1st baby... But i guess life will change! The bad along with the good and we needa brace up and like Rach sed, Put on our big girl panties! LOL!!

  6. GREAT post Jen! I don't think that fear of change ever leaves... I was so scared to be a mom of 3... just plumb freaked me out! But thankfully God gives you enough for EACH DAY and you adjust and survive, and even FLOURISH eventually...

  7. aah! I have loved reading all of your responses!! THANK-YOU!
    Colleen- thanx! and 'same to you'!!!
    Rach- can I borrow your big girl panties??:)
    Lexi- very very true! thanx:)
    Missy- Welcome:)
    Deli- I'll send you the 'big-girl-panties' when I'm done with them:)
    MR- yes. I too. fully believe God does send strength for each day!! thankfully!!!

  8. Thanks for sharing your heart! It has taken me waaaaay too long to learn to accept change as a positive thing. Yes, some changes are sad, painful but I am learning that even in these there is good if I take the time to notice. My natural instinct is to be negative but thankfully my dear husband is the opposite and I believe I am learning from him and also learning to let God change me. It is a lifetime process, dealing with change but it is good.
    I hold on to "in all things God works together for our good". I used to think that was just the 'good' or if I got 'it' all right but now I believe it truly is 'all'!
    May your faith grow and your roots deepen as you trust a God of love.

  9. Please jenn I need the big girl pantys to! Why is it thats were sooner notice the bad change?

  10. change is ultimate sign of maturity; embrace it and don't be afraid of it:)


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