Friday, January 28, 2011

montreal bound!!!

yep. it's true folks. this prairie girl is about to lay claim on an American Visa... It's been 1 year and 10 long months of waiting, filling out papers, figuring out income, waiting, mailing, getting pictures, figuring, writing, pictures...yep Times that by about 4. serious. I kid you not one little speck. it.IS.A.LOT.OF.WORK.
image found here
Now we just (get to) fly way up to a part of the country I have never really been, (besides the airport)...
French speaking, quaint, huge cold, Montreal. (or so I hear)...
 yes. I am nervous. very nervous. but I also am excited. very excited. (perty cool how us women can feel about 10 different emotions at once, eh?)
---so think of us, if ya would;) and by the way, I am very open to any french lessons you can give me via your comments!!!!!
(I'll keep ya posted on our doings while we are up there!!)

When we get back James and I are going to build this table!!!!!!----

of course. I will keep you posted on this as well... but I just HAD to show you, my ever faithful listeners!!!
now I will go because I have a new 'This Old House' mag. to stare at :)


  1. Good luck! we went through the same thing getting my husband here to canada. Our paper work took a year to get together and it was a pile an inch and a half thick! All the documentation one has to do! it's unreal!!
    Not ever having been to Montreal, and since my 5 years of highschool french is pretty rusty....I don't have a thing for ya there!

    Have a great trip, I hear it's a great city to visit! :)

  2. Jenn, we will pray that all will go well there. Just enjoy the trip tho too- it's a trip of a lifetime! xoxo

  3. Bonjour,'s been a long time since I took French in school, I think 6th grade:) I think I qualify to know about your emotions on the USA paperwork, although I didn't have to go to Montreal...enjoy your trip...I pray too all will go sounds interesting, and I'll be waiting for a trip report!! Love you!!!

  4. Sounds like you'll have an amazing time - enjoy!

  5. Have a great time Jenn and safe travels! Sounds exciting! And when you get back I will be waiting for a great inspiration for another online auction!! :)

  6. thanks guys:) right now we are sitting in Las Vegas waiting to board our 5 hour flight to a, yeeehaw;)

  7. How can I have missed this?! Congratulations my friend on getting your visa, finally! That is a LONG time to wait! I hope you enjoyed Montreal...I have never been either but have a brother who speaks of it in glowing terms! It is supposed to be just stunning! I really hope you enjoy everything and am so happy for you!!


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