Friday, January 7, 2011

obedient dogs.

I have to tell you this story. It's real. It's true. I know. because it happened to me.
Some people might say it was luck, coincidence, happenstance or maybe even my imagination.
But. I KNOW what happened.
God answered a small little piddly request of mine. and I still can not get over it and decided to share-

  I went along with my husband to work, (he cleans/services swimming pools) one day... It was a bad day, the pools were full of leaves, it had rained so water levels were high. cold. Not any fun.
  and than to top it off- THE DOGS GOT OUT. yes. out of a customers back yard out the gate and through the orchard and GONE. To say the very very least my husband ( and me too) was devastated. We did not know the dogs names (they are usually in a 'pen') it was in the country (they could go for miles) James was already feeling behind in work, we did not have time to herd dogs.
  He told me to drive out to the road and see if some how with enough bones I could coax them back in to the yard. As I walked out of the gated yard I thought to my self- How cool would that be if I would pray and God would just turn those dogs around and they would BEE LINE it in to the yard? I thought pretty cool.
 I got in the pick up and I did sigh some sort of a plee for help... I drove down the drive way on to the road a little ways and there were those dogs. K now honestly I did NOTHING. I simply looked at them. and  when I looked they... you will never guess.

Those two big labs RAN STRAIGHT. ( I mean straight. no hesitating. no turning back.) a quarter mile RIGHT INTO THAT OPEN GATE INTO THEIR BACK YARD.

I sat and stared. I did. I cold not believe my eye balls. and than I remembered my lil 'thought' and I knew God had 'heard' it loud and clear.

Once again, I now know. GOD DOES CARE. He cares about every little bitty thing that happens in our lives. and I am SOOO thankful for that!!!

Happy day to you!!!

ps. I am in San Francisco Airport. waiting to board my flight for HOME!!!!!!
James and I woke up at 1:30 am. to get here by 4. eek. I will now sleep!!!


  1. First have a wonderful trip home! You deserve it so much!
    Second, that is a very cool story and I love how sometimes these things happen in our lives that show us God cares for every little detail! Imagine then how much He cares for the big things!

    Blessings Jenn! Take care and get some sleep.:)

  2. even the little sparrow.....God knows and cares! So how much more.......does he care for you! ;)

    Glad you are going home to visit! have fun!

  3. I love to hear these stories of God's love for the details of our lives. Thank you for sharing it.

    Enjoy the cold!

  4. Wow! Our dog has only escaped once and I feel ya...scary for a moment. So glad they came right home!!

  5. That's pretty sweet! No better feeling than feeling close to Him.

    Excited for you! You get to meet Jaxson! One month today!

  6. Wow. Jenn. That is a true answer to prayer... We need to hear more of those! xoxo

  7. That is such a wonderful story so glad you shared.I think it is so neat when the Lord Blesses us like that.

  8. Hey Jenn-just wondering if this is a good enuf taste of snow for you...!!!! Isn't it incredible??? We had to be pulled outta the ditch tonite... as we were guiding someone thru the drifts we slipped er right in!! Stay safe!

  9. That is the coolest story ever!! Sometimes I think God gives us those little (BIG) experiences to booth our faith!


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