Tuesday, December 3, 2013

{its happening}

its packed up. mostly.
the u-haul is on its way here.
then my little green house will be packed in to it
and we will be on our way in the next couple of days
to the north.
its all happened so fast and yet it feels
like forever ago that we decided
this. is what was to happen.
pray for us that the roads will
be safe and that the border crossing
will be a breeze.
we would appreciate that.
baby girl has been bouncing off the walls
for the last few days and it seem like
she is surely catching on to
everything that is going on
as up until the last few days its been rare for me
to feel her kicking more then a couple times a day.
she most likely can't wait until her mama stops
running her legs off every single day. lol!!
or maybe she is so anxious to be in the snow country, ha ha!!!
ok. packing is calling.


  1. well! WELL! Not quite sure why you would want to move north right now…. That is not true! I DO know and I can only imagine how excited, how happy your family and friends are knowing you will be back home!
    You will 'warm' the country just by being here! Travel carefully! Take care! See you soon!

  2. Hey that's awesome!! Imagine.. you joining us in snow country!! I'm glad you know what you're getting into! My question is does that hubby of yours??:) See you soon! Sally

  3. Can't wait to you see you up north... :) xoxo

  4. I'm sad for me, happy for you...but I have many good memories of you being my nearest relative, even if it is 9 hours apart!! Safe travels...and I'll always love you wherever you live:)

  5. BEST OF LUCK!!! Hope we can visit California at the same time sometime!

  6. Best of luck, Jenn. I imagine you've arrived home already and are getting settled in... And congrats on your other news too! I'm excited for you that you get to start your family with a little girl. Personal experience tells me it's the best way! ;)


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