Tuesday, April 17, 2012

{things I have learned}

- having cooked,cold rice in the fridge is lovely.
-Pregnant dogs are not supposed to over exert them selves by jumping or running!
-Giving in is the hardest, but the best, most of the time
-Seeing a frog , while sitting on the toilet, gives a whole new meaning to 'run for your life'.
-It seems if you leave it in long enough, even 3 year olds can master the job of talking 'around' a soother/pacifier. (lol)
-Going sugar free is HARD. but I lost 2 whole pounds last week because I did it :)
-Taking 'spur-of-the-moment' trips with James is a delight!
-being with 'home folks' is - so- refreshing!!
-the stars do not shine very bright where there are lots of 'city lights'.
-there is a constellation called. 'little dog'. (Coby & Spenc is that your dog??!!)
-Even if you do pay your water bill they still will sometime put a 'we will shut your water off' tag on the door.
-sometimes life is crazy, drink something good, (like iced chai) and take a nap  :)


  1. I have learned life can be sweet.....even without sugar!Nice post(except for the frog)!!!m

  2. Thanks for my laugh for the day! We must be related..... I hate frogs too!

  3. I am wondering what you do with cold cooked rice; I love frogs; going sugar free is hard; and there is a big dog constellation too and- I think- both a big and little bear.

    Things I wonder, things I know, and things I have learned.


    1. Fried rice ;) or turn it into 'mexican rice' with a few seasonings and/or salsa... make 'hay stacks'. Its just cool to have around for me, I have found out :)

  4. I think I will post about *my frog story* that my girls still fold in half laughing over. I love yours, arrgh!
    Why is giving in so hard and so sweet...

  5. Auntie Jenn- we will come catch that frog for you & maybe if we had a pet frog for the day today we would stay busy all day & not get into so much trouble... Little Dog is truely LITTLE now after a much needed haircut! We think maybe he turned into a puppy!! :D We Love You, Coby, Spencer & Joey Ty xoxo


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