Sunday, December 19, 2010

spreading Love...

This morning our minister talked about LOVE. The kind of love that compels you to stop and help the lady with the flat tire, give some money to the homeless man who sits at the corner every day. It was so inspiring and I can not help but write on this topic...
  Often when I worked as a Nurse Aid back home, I would pray before I went to work, 'Help me to act and do and be in a way that would let others know of You (God), That Your love for me would shine through me to, others". That is still my prayer, everyday. That because of how I am, or what I do, someone would come to know My Jesus.
  The minister related a story that happened to him.- He likes to stop at yard sales, and see what kind of deals he could find. One day a few days before Christmas, he stopped at a yard sale and found a VERY nice stroller. He said it had every little extra you could want. It was worth waay more than the $10 they had on it. Something told him to buy it. He did. While he was driving home, still in town, he saw a lady walking, it was cold, she had a baby in one arm, and the other hand was hold bags of groceries, ect. (He made it sound like she was very heavy laden) and than he knew, who that stroller was for. That very lady!!! He stopped, and was worried about scaring her, but told her this stroller was for her. She could only speak Spanish, (luckily he could as well) but the lady thought she had to pay him, ect. but he finally got it across to her that it was a GIFT. and she wondered WHY ME? and he said.- Because, Jesus Loves Me.- (meaning- because Jesus loved him it made him want to give to others, to spread love).
  He told us as well that if we didn't know of anyone who really needed some love, we should pray that God should show us someone who needs our love. Whether it be through prayers, acts of kindness, or whatever...
  Let's remember them, this Christmas season... the people that are hurting, hurting in lack of money,lack of family, lack of LOVE. God WILL bless us, no matter how big or small a deed we do!


  1. Very inspiring! Its such a good feeling to focus on others and their needs rather than my own...I'm gonna do better! Laura

  2. Wow, Jenn, you are a good writer! Very inspiring, yes. xoxo

  3. that is awesome Jenn! Just this morning my mind was going down that same alley! Tis the season for giving...this inspires me to do better! woova...jeri. b.

  4. its so awesome when you can do a little something for another person, even if it is only a smile.

  5. I 'love' it Jennieee...good thoughts...oxox

  6. say it so well. love you sis and missing you so much...sue

  7. What a wonderful story and example of love! I really am amazed by how truly good some people are...
    Thanks for sharing, it really inspired me.

  8. what a beautiful story!i liked the thought of praying that god would show us whose in need.this year i made an effort to give the salvation army jinglers my coins.why not?


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