Thursday, November 4, 2010

more wally art things!!!

well. I got a phone call today and the person on the other end told me- You need to put more pics of your vinyl stuff on the blog so that we can SEE it!

First off I will tell you. I am not a camera person.never have been, never will be!!! so pardon the not so great pics:D

this is my front door before the new look!!!
this is beside my front door after!!!
I am selling this same design to you for $9.
(it is 15 inch by 5.5)
use it on your door, beside your door, or in your house!!!

OK next is-
I bought this mirror at yard sale for $1. It was a very ugly brown wicker. I brought it home and promptly sprayed it black and, because the mirror for our bed set from IKEA isn't in our budget yet, I hung it above the dresser. and yes. I had to put a word on it. so LOVE it was.
I am selling this LOVE word (it is7 ' x 8') for $5

and next is this-
no.not the star. this wonderful reminder. it comes cut on a 16x8 in piece of vinyl. I did this one for my sister-in-law and put them side by side instead of on top of the other.
I will be selling this one to you for $15

ok. so thats all the pics for now. but. If you want to order something let me know in a comment or else shoot me an e-mail! (right this minute all I have is white and dark grey vinyl)but...

I am ordering more vinyl! what colours do YOU think I should order...?


  1. hey looks good sis! maybe you should get brown viynal red mite b nice to i dont know... i think if n when you can do big trees, brown would be nice!!

  2. eh eh. jessi-cow :D. Ima thinkin brown too... and a deep reddish color..mmm mmm. I can't wait till you see the one I sent you;0

  3. I love the "Be still" one. You should do a "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God" one like that too! And I agree with Jessi on the brown vinyl. I'm liking the dark grey.

  4. your other big sisNovember 5, 2010 at 8:11 AM

    hey jenni...i'm waiting for you to get cream vinyl for my bedroom... but the words all look great:) love you...

  5. Ya they all are awesome... I love my wall art you've done for me :) Someday I want a growth chart for the kiddo's in black... Red vinyl would be neat for some things... & cream. Good luck & have fun. xoxo

  6. Howdy to you pal....yes we are in cc already. Just were to Creston to visit my sis and her fam that are going to Mexico for 3 yrs. Mom Kaiden an I drove there, pickt up Rachel on the way. Trish flew in from Idaho, too. Had a good time. Shopped, sang, laughed, read aloud, ate, made food, did pedicures :-), took care of babies/children..... get it? Busy.. on the way home stopped at Rod and Judy for supper an night! Wuz good. Saw Shawn an Suz :-) Now back home go a messy house, laundry, baking to do, cooking too, but...its clear and no snow yet!! I'll quit my rambling for now and will be checking ur blog out again. Luv ur sis friend, Carmen


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