Thursday, November 4, 2010

shavers... razors... hair-slicing contraptions...

Last night I spent many minutes of my latter part of the  day in Target.
 First I wondered around the baby clothes...yes. looking for my wonderful big sissy who is having a babes, O, so soon...and just looking at random for who-ever. SO CUTE.
Than I wondered on over to the foody, food part of the store and loaded my cherry red cart with all manner of things that looked tasty to mine eyeball.
                                                Than I went to the aisle that hosts these...

and I stood there... and I looked... and I stoood there...and I loooooooooked. yes. I did. and I even asked a fellow shopper lady. Which one do you like? (she wasn't very responsive.) although she did tell me which one she used. I wasn't interested. so. I never bought. and I NEED  a new one. or something... but I am very fussy. because I have sensitive skin and yes. I have tried the UP&UP brand at Target. and whatever else cheapys there are. but they DO NOT cut it. (pun intended)
I think I have had just about every one of the Venus ones as well. but somehow or another they always seem escape my grasp and flee... who knows to where. but yes. they leave me.(or do I leave them???) ...

so tell me. which one do you use? 
If its electric...please tell me exactly which brand..ect. 
thank ya lady friends of mine... the new look?!


  1. your other big sisNovember 4, 2010 at 9:25 AM

    well sis, i'm still a trusty old fan of the venus razor!! i even bot the disposables last night to pack into my hospital bag:) love you...

  2. i have an electric one you can have that was given to me as a gift and i never did use.
    Have you tried those fine sandpapery things? They seem to be quite cool....i have tried them and they do work if u don't have really thick hairs.....esp on the legs....and they are painless.
    As one gets older, one tends to have less hair in the places there WAS hair, and more in the places there SHOULDN'T be hair....
    I use the Atra2 razor...probably for men..hahah

  3. hey CC. ha. I forgot about those sandpapery things! I was at a 'home-show' one time and they were doing demonstrations and I was the only one wearing a skirt so the lady used ME;D any how. the DO work! I'll have to go purchase asap. :D thanks for reminding me;)

  4. I use my husband's razor - sensor excel, I think it is. That way we only need to buy one set of outrageously priced cartridges :)

  5. I use BIC Soleil with 4 blades. (they are disposables) They work great! I wont go back to the expensive cartridges... Happy Shaving. xoxo

  6. I have said goodbye to strawberry legs, itchy, red, burning, spotty, sensitive...I am on my second rechargeable Remington wet/dry shaver...and I use it dry:) This makes for one happieee auntieee:)

  7. i use good ole venus posted in the picture its works awsum for my on the other parts i use my husbands razor... mens razors are better on the gross thick hair... just pleeaaasssse remember to use shaving cream if you use it.... it cuts close

  8. I also use the one posted in the picture....I love, love, love it! It's a smoothie!:)

  9. aaw guys!! thanks for all the help!! now I just have to get back to the store and CHOOSE before my legs turn into a forest ;D

  10. I've had a Lady Schick razor with replaceable blades ever since I was 12 yrs old. Same one. That's almost kind of gross. But I would never buy anything but Schick!

  11. There could be may types and patterns. Some razors are really working as expected and some a re not suitable. Reading reviews on different shavers. Also several website like van help us to se;ect a perfect one for us.


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