Friday, November 5, 2010

his & hers

Today I picked up another towel off the floor...and I thought to myself. hmmm. who's is this one?! Beings as I don't have a lot of towels floating around my house it seems James and I often when we grab our 'new' bath towels- we grab the same color... This morning I knew which one was mine because his was still a tad dampish... So I decided to fix the problem and this is how I did it- not that I turned one towel 'in-side-out'!!! Its the man and the lady!!! 
and if any of you remember this lovely little couple was used in our other house as well!!
I didn't think the next renters would be as amused as I was with these creatures so I took
them down and yes - its called recycling !!!


  1. Looks great..

    I'm glad you're getting a few more photos of your stuff on here. You do such a great job, Jenn!

  2. thanks!

    Chey I made about 10 different sayings to sell at a big yard sale tom. Guess we'll see how people like them :)

  3. Such a cute idea!:)
    When I saw the name of your blog I had to drop by, I'm a fellow prairie girl, albeit from Manitoba!:) And I also LOVE Tim it so much...why don't they have it all over the world for all of us Canadians away from home?:)
    Well, have a wonderful week!

  4. Totally, totally cute! I love it!


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