Sunday, November 28, 2010

a repeat.

I have so so much to do... (I WANT)... to just go to bed.


1. Not organized.

that is me. not organized. (sniff.sniff)

How do you stay organized? My dear aunt told me to try 'FLY LADY'..
How many of you try her ways?
Do you like them? What are other good ways to stay organized...?
really folks  I need help.
but this calender has already helped me has writing more lists than ever before!!
As long as I don't go and lose the list- it sure helps me out!!!

Let me in on your organize secrets, pretty please:)


  1. Go to "between loads of laundry" for some advice. I don't know how I keep up, but one tip is to start as soon as you get up! Get ready for the day, make your bed, etc. Do 1 room at a time. I often clean up the house in the evening when the kiddos are sleeping, so that in the morning it's all cleaned up. I do not have all the answers tho- I hope more people comment for you so that I get more ideas too! Good luck! xoxo

  2. I'm afraid I don't have any answers either but I have tried FlyLady and she really is helpful so you should give it a shot. I just try to keep organized mostly but keeping clutter down. That helps a lot I think.:)
    Good luck to you!


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