Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Ok. I know many of you have been in Home Depot, Lowe's, or your local hardware store...you must have been. or is your husband going into those stores buying your paint, sand-paper and what-not for you??!!
mine won't. well yes. of course he would. but I didn't give him a chance this time! I wanted the wood NOW. not in 5 minutes or in 65. now.
  I went. and I got 'the looks'. well. I guess that guy and lady (?) in the lumber part of Lowes had never in their little lives seen a crafty lady walk in wearing a skirt and flip-flops. but you think I care? Just cause I wasn't wearing my Carhart's and boots didn't mean that I was not serious about why I was there. For some wood.ok? After trying to tell them what size I wanted what it was for ect. The guy told me to go down the aisle of sheet rock than turn left and than make an immediate right. There was pieces of wood there and I could have a look.  Well. so yes. I looked. but all those pieces seemed mighty big for my little project. BUT! (thank goodness for my husband.).....because I called him in distress because 'they didn't have any the size I wanted' but than He told me. Fear not! for my dad has a saw you can use.' whew! I breathed a sigh of relief and bought a board. The 'lady' at the front asked me 'if I'd found everything ok'...ummm.hello?. yes. ALL BY MINE OWN LONESOME!!! thank-you very much!!! and I went home and I painted and cut. and soon oh so soon I will show you my work!!!
(next time I'm gonna try going to Lowe's in my pumps and a silky, flowy, skirt. THAN maybe they will help me.. (laugh)


  1. soooo WHAT are you making, sista?? Can't wait to see it! Goodnight. xoxo

  2. Haha, yes and just try showing a bit of leg too...you never know what it will take to get some help in some places.:)
    Can't wait to see your project!

  3. hmmm i wonder what it is this time?? a christmas present for me??:)

  4. ooo I love it that you guys are curious... of course I will not show the actual project but I will show the one similar that I am making for myself soon.oh.so.soon:D


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