Wednesday, November 24, 2010

some facts...

1- holding a wet cold metal pole scooping leaves out of a pool is COLD. on the hands. I don't care who you are or how tough you think you are it is ICEEEEY. cold.
2- making up a guest bed for company is FUN FUN FUN!
3- even cleaning the bathroom can be fun if you are preparing for guests!
4- my house is quiet.clean. (mostly) and that feels . good.
5- this blog gives you a super good 'picture' of where I grew up!
6- I love my dog. (did you know that??!!)
7- o. I adore James too. duh. (adore him)
8- I am going to make THIS right now. Because it is so cute and I have several little pieces of wood laying around waiting for some attention.
9- This is a fun, good story to read if you need one, and you have no, not even one decent novel in the house.
10- Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and James & I are going to our church at 6:30 AM. YES. you read correct. to help peel and mash enough potatoes to feed 5000 people at the local rescue mission for supper tomorrow night.
11- THAT is a HEAP of potatoes.
12- I wish you all the happiest most thankful day tomorrow. Filled with friends and family and love. (got that? thats a fact.)
13- My kitchen needs cleaning yet. I left that out up there cuz I was hoping it would make me feel less guilty about sitting down at this computer... but it didn't because now I have to go do it now. boo-hoo. but this was fun. so I don't even care!!
14- what will even be more fun? is when I come back and look at my blog this evening is to see your comments. (why am I laughing??!!)
15- You are special. never let anyone tell you differently!


  1. Clean your kitchen FAST!! Lucky you to get company (company that is real, true family) tomorrow! we love you!

  2. I bet your kitchen is clean now....:)

    Have fun with your company...!

    I'm eating gingersnaps, getting fatter, and then going to bed! Nighty night! :)

  3. Wow. Lots of work to do! Have a great time tomorrow! :)
    And happy thanksgiving! :)

  4. You are pretty great too!!:) Happy American thanksgiving, hope your day is fabulous and that the coming year brings you and abundance of things to be thankful for!

  5. you're so lucky jenn to be getting company!! i'm so excited for you and i hope you live it up with them and have a happy thanksgiving day!!! love you as always...Sue

  6. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    (Just finishing up chapter 6, btw. :) Waiting for my technical adviser to give his input.)


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