Saturday, October 23, 2010

my fall wreath...

Fire Wife Katie over here. Inspired me. (again). Go check it out. I love what she did with that dollar store stuff. so yesterday I went. To my 2 most favorite (weeeelll.ya.) places to shop. 99cent store  and Dollar Tree. At the Dollar Tree I looked and I actually had everything (you can get the gourds at my Dollar Tree...) in my hands. when I thought. no. I can not have a white wreath on my door. no. my door is white. will. not. work. so I thought. And I remembered that back at my house I had this wreath with the red leaves already on it (by me for last fall!!)  So I put back everything except the ribbon and kept looking and than!!! I found these bells.  They were called door-knob hangers ( there is some adorable ones there with a big round bell. for your door. I am going back for one. or 2 or 7.or 19.) and attached to them was a hat and some Christmasy ribbon. (I cut that off)  and I tied the bells on to my wreath and wrapped my wibbon. (ok spelling error.but I thought it sounded kinda cutesy) awound my weath. ( sooo cutesy)  and hung it up. and Ya for those of you that are more into the mod look. Go do what Fire Wife Katie did!!! but this wreath is ME. I am Prairie Girl. Hard Core Country. Dust and all. and nothing perfect.. slapped together.but. ME. ( but I still think I am going to do a Wreath like her!! for Christmas maybe?? and paint it black with red ribbon??!! whaddya think? )

McDonald's. I'm lovin it. (just to keep it random I had to add that!!)



  1. Oooh, yay!! It looks awesome! I'm going to have to go check for those bells.

    Yeah, if I had a white door, I probably wouldn't go with a white wreath, either. :)

  2. JENN----GORGEOUS! I want one!!!

  3. I'm lovin' it, too. You could keep this one for Christmas too-- just do different ribbon and different leafy things... maybe pine? ya pine and the bells? uh-huh. I guess I'll hafta find a wreath like that too and do one for me!! xoxo, big sister.

  4. aaahh. thanks guys. you made my day:) I am feeling the need to go right now and get the stuff for that christmasy one... wouldn't that be great little 'hostess' gifts for around Christmas???? a black wreath with red red ribbon??!! i think so 8) here I go... don't tell James I'm going again. he always jokes about my dollar deals :) (he loves it:))lol.

  5. a black wreath with red red ribbon??!! i think so 8) here I gopictures of nature


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