Saturday, October 2, 2010

the beach...the fog...

we got here and it was foggy... we went from 99 degrees to 64 in about an hour... that was cold. really. even for me.

By the way...did I tell you why we are here? in this land of the beach and fog? There is a huge pool convention here in Monterey. There was a few of our friends that are here too... so that is cool. cause I am not sure what I would have done here all alone! Yesterday us girls went... shopping!!!!! and sat at the beach, (it could have been warmer) and met the guys for clam chowder on the wharf...mmm mmm good...

i'll tell you more when I don't have to type on our 'little' computer...

so long...


  1. Happy Birthday, dear are so lucky to be with your friends (who are my friends too:) I hope you have another great day(& year) that is worth celebrating! Love you lots!!

  2. happy birthday to you... have a great day with your friends. xoxo, your big sister :)

  3. Clam chowder on the wharf? Do you live the life dreams are made of or what....? Even if you do have to put a sweater on that beach...:)

    Hope this next year is filled with piles of happiness for you, dear girl! Happiest of birthdays to YOU!

  4. Happy Birthday, Jen!! Hope u had a great day.


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