Saturday, October 16, 2010

a poem...

i am rather disgusted
at myself today
i cooked a great big dinner   (last night)
for some friends that came our way.
it was succesful.
i must say.
all evening long it felt so warm
in that one lone spot.
but I knew I had remembered.
worry?i did not.
I asked around.
its warm in here?
ya.u-huh. i heard.
i 'downed' the thermometer.
it slowly cooled.
but still.twas warm.
at that one certain place.
I guess this is what I should use.
instead of an electric one!!!
but. I HAD, I scorned.
This morning as i bustled
around that little space.
I thought.
I should turn on the A/C
it's gettin kinda warm.
I heated up some 'left-overs'
right by that 'warm-ed spot'
and I LOOKED.!!!
and I looked again.

So apparently It was on for approx. 20 hours. no wonder it was warm.... eeeeeeeeeeeek.
NOTE TO SELF.- TURN OFF OVEN AFTER EACH USE.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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