Friday, October 8, 2010


Because this month is Breast Cancer awareness month...
Because my mum is my hero,
a survivor.!!!
Because I want you to be 'aware'.
Because Obama just made it 'law' that mammograms are  free in the USA
Because I love ya.---
I am doing my first give away!!!!!!!!!!!
Breast Cancer shopping bags... the proceeds went to help women who are battling cancer while they are pregnant.

To enter the contest all I ask is that you tell me a favorite memory of your mum, mom, or mother-in-law...
and put your name and email address on the comment so I can contact you if you win!!!!There will be 3 winners and the contest will close on October 16!!! Winner will be chosen randomly!!

Here they are!! They fold up to fit into that tiny little bag!!! So handy for those garage sale days, or when you are shopping and you buy more than you thought, or to add to your stash
of 'green' bags!!!!


  1. My favorite memories of my mom are her big warm hugs when I was sad... She's still good at giving them!!!

  2. Jenn, one of my many memories is mum making fresh, warm lemon cake for after school snack. Wouldn't that be good right now??! Yummm. Another great memory is mum playing baseball with us! What fun we had!
    Rachel. you know where to find me :)

  3. The thing my mom and I do best together is shopping! We both love it! Guess I had to get it from someone huh?! Another awesome memory I have of my whole family is all the trips we went on?! We got a lot of places together!

  4. i have many favorite memories of my mum... one i like best is when i was sad or confused or when i would have a bad dream or whatever you go through as a little girl... my mum would always kneel down and pray with me!! i want to be that kind of mum to my little "girl".

  5. Memorieees? How many do you want?? As a little girl I remember how mom (your grama) would make fresh buns, she'd put on honey and she'd give me coffee to dunk them in...we'd sing duets out of the Christian Hymnal...when I'd get up in the morning she'd be sitting at the table with her big family Bible open in front of her...travelling through the beautiful Rocky Mountains driving, on bus, or train( the most beautiful route )k,I'll stop now!!
    Except I have to add....YEAH to my big sister ~ she's a survivor which makes us VERY happy....because we know what it's like to love and lose!!! oxoxoxox love, hugs, tears

  6. OMG...I am going to have to read up on your blog....I used to living in East Bay CA....had quite the experience when I was there...for 5 I am back in Canada..... ;)
    Saw u on Jax's blog asking her about her "Made In Canada" thingy... :)
    I can relate to the "adjusting" you have to do living there.... :) good luck to ya! :)

  7. hey guys! this is great!!

    Cartoon... lucky you got to move back 'home'. did like you mean in 'the baby area' san fran?? or ... i'm slowly catching on to cali lingo ;D

    and...ya. there has been waaaay more people look at this post than have commented...( carol???) you know who you are... i still love ya.. but i really wanna hear from you too...

  8. My mom just being there all the time. And I'm lucky enough to have married and only moved 7 miles down the road from her.

  9. a good memory of mum is that she was never impatient with me....

  10. yup, "bay area"... and I was in the "baby business" there...L&D RN :)
    Hope your thanksgiving was a lovely one! :)

  11. My mom used to sit with all of us kids after school. We'd flomp on the couches and floor in the living room and we would all talk about our day at school. :)

    My email is

  12. Hi Jenn! I've really enjoyed reading your blogs! Very very interesting!! Have a good day!


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