Wednesday, October 13, 2010

marijuana anyone??!!

Did you know that if allysum and lantana could be used as marijuana. I would now be RICH. Because I seriously just pulled out more of those 2 plants than I thought could be humanly possible. Yes. My back is killing me. But now. when I look out my front window I see the tiny little blue lobelia that were smothered, beginning to shine forth!!! and the petunias. mighty and tough tho they be. were smothered as well. They were straggly and ugly having had to stretch their loooong arms out so that their flowers could get any sunlight. Now I see the beauty of the flowers that were hidden! And my sore back is worth it....


  1. Way to go Jenn. Keep up your hard work, you will never be sorry! You can also come clean up my flower beds for the cold winter ahead... xoxo, your big sister.

  2. Well, when you find the medicinal uses of those plants you'll make a profit.


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