Monday, October 25, 2010

laundry day...

this would be nice!
who likes doing laundry?? I know there are some people out there who, in the laundry room that is their 'happy place'. Not me. I love nothing more than the smell of freshly laundred clothes. And I do not even mind putting stuff into the washing machine. or into the dryer and even flinging it here and there on my couches and chairs to dry. BUT. folding and putting away. Preserve Me. That. is not my favorite thing to do. But because I am a wife I do it. because I know that (yes. if I told him to he probably would ...but...) James won't just jump up and down and say - 'let me, let me'!!!!! Ya. He is great. but that. I think. would not happen.

i looove this stuff. smells sooo good.
Any way. So the last couple of weeks I've been reading this blog. The Nester. And she has some very brainy ideas going on this month for how to make your house 'less messy'. anyhow She is crazy about baskets! cute, chic,funky, baskets. And she said if you have fun looking baskets to do laundry with (instead of the plastic ones.) laundry is sooooooooo much more fun. (I think I am going to try it)  but I can kinda see where she is coming from. If you do your laundry in a hole in your dark, musty basement you probably do not enjoy it that much! (mine is in the garage. mind you. A totally new one to me!!!!)  but if your laundry 'place' is painted cheery and bright and it looks like this one!!! than I think laundry could actually be FUN!!! She, (who has the cute laundry room) also has a recipe for home-made laundry soap!! Try it!!! I think I am going to. just for the fun of it!! One of my creative/whimsical/simplicitysh/pioneerish  things that I would like to do sometime in my little life!!!!

Let me know how you make laundry FUN!!! and what you do so that it's not something you dread all week!!


  1. Ummm. Laundry. Just wait till you have some little kiddo's yet to do laundry for. One thing that has helped me is this: Wash all clothes on Monday. Then Tuesday & Wednesday I don't have to. Thursday I wash bedding & kiddo's blankets. Friday I wash all the clothes again. Yes, the worst is folding & putting away, but if you do it right away that helps. Ha ha. (what do I know about it??)

  2. my laundry room is in the garage too!! how weird... totally makes it easy to just forget and leave the clothes out there to sour... :( Which my dear husband has put up with too many times... (or rather NOT put up with) my dream home has a huge cheery laundry room.. haha kindra

  3. I'm sorry ..but I'm really, really wierd...laundry is like my favorite job...ever. My kids used to bring laundry home for me when they were away at a gift!!! One year Chris arrived for Christmas with a big red Santa bag full of laundry...on Christmas Eve!! lol I love everything about it...including hanging it outside if at all possible. It just makes me feel happy...and productive...and contented. JP

  4. I'm with Rach on the part of folding and putting it away right away. If I don't do it as soon as its out of the dryer, it sits in the basket for days and then it IS depressing to work with :( Something that helps me is a laundry sorter. I have a 3-compartment one and I sort them darks, lights and whites. (darryls dirty work clothes get a separate basket) Baskets would work great! Laura

  5. Hey Jennieee...Tara and I made laundry soap the other week! It really gets stuff clean, even the dirty clothes my men come home in! I'll be making it again! When the boys were younger it was hard to keep up with folding and putting away, but surprise~it's easier now!! When they got older doing each boys' laundry separate was the easiest for me. but now I have such a ginormous(is that a word?) washing machine I usually wash their stuff together. When we were ready to choose our house plan (out of about 6 plans, we live in a track house) I chose this plan because of the separate laundry room!!!

  6. hey thanks for the ideas:) I will tell James I really need a Wal-mart tonight;) so I can buy some 'stuff'.

    auntieeee- what recipe of soap did you use??
    Laura- good idea with a sorter thingy!!! that would help me A LOT!!!
    Kindra- I guess out hubs will have to live with the (sometime to often) sour clothes, or else add on so we can have a designated LAUNDRY ROOM!!!!
    JP- you are not abnormal- I'd say you are BLESSED!!! lucky you that you LOVE LAUNDRY:)
    Rach- stop blogging. go fold your

  7. haha well i dont even have a washer! i do have a dryer but it its not in working condition yet... its very annoying to run to the in laws all the time......... im passing the basket!!!

  8. i like doing laundry too... i feel SO busy when i have the washer and dryer humming!!! good idee about folding and putting it away right away, i'm trying to train myself to do that a wee bit more...not sure how long this will last!:) so much fun putting your nose into clean nice smelly stuff.

  9. When we built our house my laundry room looked really nice with shelves, cupboards...... now that it is also the sewing room, well, I am not sure where the shelves or the cupboards are under all the 'stuff' I collect! It is a disaster area. Hence, the door stays closed most of the time!
    Our oldest son loves to do laundry..... where did he get that from! Certainly not from the JD salesman who doesn't touch anything in the laundry room except when a machine breaks! And not from his Mom either. I can tolerate it now but I know all about sour laundry and very wrinkled, half-dry loads, and piles of clothes waiting to be folded......
    But today is Tuesday and the laundry did get done yesterday, Oh wait. there is still a pile on the floor by the washing machine....

  10. your other big sisOctober 26, 2010 at 7:17 AM

    ya i don't mind doing laundry either:) my tip is like rach and laura... fold it right away!! i also have my set laundry days otherwise i would or could wash everyday and that looks overwhelming!! it also makes it more fun to have yummy smelling soap:)

  11. (I don't know how else to give this gal credit, but she has a WONDERFUL blog you should check out, plus a big plus is she's from Beautiful British Columbia!!)
    This is the recipe we used for laundry soap. But when I ran out of the stuff we made I have just been using borax and washing soda with some "simple green"...I've used "simple green" in my laundry room and around the house for years. Don't you remember my older boys calling to bring simple green when something spilled on the carpet!?!(probably their littlest brother's formula bottles!!)


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