Thursday, October 21, 2010

the pure joy of CHEEZ WHIZ

but. you can't barely find it down here in the southern part of the continent of North America.
(well, I did find it one time at SAVE-MART.for a whopping $7 for a jar half this size. by the way.
I totally boy-cot that store. it is dumb.a dumb store. the milk and eggs are on one side of the store and
the cheese and other dairy stuff is 3/4 mile away on the other side. I stick with Target. It smells good. It's clean. and the dairy products are ALL on the same aisle. mmmoooaaah. I love you Target. thank-you for being my best grocery store.)

Noooope. No way. I so totally did not get distracted. I did not. but its true you can not hardly get it here. and I Love it. Love it. (you got that?) 
I like it on my mac n cheese. 
I like it on my toast.
I like it on my crackers.
It's the best, I'll boast.
I like it on my pizza.
(ask me how. its great!!)
I like it melted down with salsa 
eat with chips, stay up late.
I like it on my toast.
with strawberry jam on top.
I like it there the very best.
and now I'm going to stop.
the end.
(of the poem)

I'm sure it's controversial as to what is best Velveeta or Cheez Whiz. In Canada Velveeta is out of this world expensive.  And CW is cheaper. and yes. versa vice. or vice- versa. or ya. you know.
but I grew up with CW so I'm sticking with it.

but always. no matter what. the price is. or where I live.
I'll still tell me mumma to send me Cheezy Whiz (does that sound weird to any one??!!)
with anyone and everyone that ever comes to California.

I'm a Cheeeeezy Gurl....  



  1. Don't know why I never buy it anymore...when the kids were home we always had it and loooooved it on celery. JP

  2. that sounded veery i know what to get you for christmas.omumo

  3. Personally I love REAL cheeze. The one thing that I couldn't get used to is the crappy cheeze down there. It's all so processed. But. I must say I also like CW...on celery sticks is my fav...or with peanut butter on raisin bread.... :)

    I can't remember if I couldn't find CW down there....

  4. Yes. We loooooooooooove cheese whiz. Always will. The best way is on toast, yes, on toast (I said that right) WITH strawberry jam on top. Yes, toast with cheese whiz and strawberry jam is the best-o best-o food. I'll eat it in my dreams tonight... Goodnight sister. xoxo, rach

  5. HEY! i totally forgot about celery when I was writing my poem!! i LOOOOVE IT on celery too:) maybe i'll have to make up a new poem ;D
    thanks for the comments lady-o's :D

  6. Luckilieee, I can live without cheez whiz!! It was too expensive to buy when there-was-a-plenty on the shelves where I shopped;) Even velveeta which is now-a-plenty where I's just kinda fake! I'll use either for making sauces though-then it's a necessity, like for grama's 'taco' dip...but then you can buy cheddar cheese soup too for all those dippy doos...but the more I think about CW, hmmm CW and strawberry jam on a fresh bun....I think I'm hungry! lol

  7. Grandma K likes it with honey on toast? Wowsa-that's a new one! :)

    Jenn, your lil poems could be children's books...reminds me of Dr. Seuss. Yup, a Dr Seuss book about Cheese Whiz. MMMMmmmm........

  8. yup! honey with CW is a new one to me too. but I think I'm gonna try it:) you and me, Chey. tomorrow for breakfast, ok?! :)

    and yes. I know. real cheese does just do it better for a lot of things. I love real cheese to. but therE is just something eccentric about cheez whiz;D

  9. Cheyenne's right, should write a book and you could even do the illustrations...yep...I think you'll be busieee.
    Sweet dreams neighba:)

  10. uuummm. hmmm. write a book? wowza!! guess i should:D lol. I'll stick with bloggin for right now:)

    who you 'my neighba"???????

  11. your neighba be me, your missed it!!!

  12. yummmm i had two pieces of toast with cheeze whiz and strawberry jam this very morning!!! its the best i must admit!! xoxo


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