Thursday, October 14, 2010

something new for you!!!!

I am so excited!! This morning has been spent
being creative!! And as I was browsing on-line
this thought popped into my head and.........

this is what happened!!!

First I cut this!!!

Than this!!

the charming cute hair-doooooo!!!

Than I added this..(I skipped some stuff as to 
ease the boredom)

I added some brown little shoes...
a charming 'summer' dress.
and a brilliant yellow 'sash'

yo! she is almost ready to make some real
little girl grin!!!!

and last but not least she needs her own grin...

so I added this. pure.&simple.

There is more options for this lady... but I decided to keep it simple this time!!! I am going to try doing This same girl on magnetic paper so that the dress, ect. can be removed and put on with ease for those little hands!!! 

What do you think??!!


  1. what a sweet little lady you built! wish i was there to create with you!!!

  2. ya jen thats realy cute! you could do different hair dues n hats n bags n all that kinda stuff!! shot maybe id even want one!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. If I had a girl I'd grab at these! They are cute! your big sis.

  4. o to be young again!i played with sears catalogue paperdolls!

  5. oh jenni your so cute.yup my little "girl" will love this:)


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