Friday, October 29, 2010

so much fun!!!

angel food cake cupcakes for my party tonight!! with pink frosting!!! mmm.mmm.
pink ribbons all over my house!! a pumknin here and there. some Indian corn scattered around. Cranberry candles, softly slowing... and smelling!!! the sound of my timer saying-the cupcakes are done.
Cedar woods pod on my pod warmer... yes. a mixture of good things. candles. supporting Breast Cancer. and food. and the smell of fall in the air.

ps.Last night I painted my first 'chalk-board' project!! Listen up Ladies there will be more about that coming soon!!! Happy day to you all!!!


  1. Happy Pink Party! I hope everyone buys LOTS! xoxo your big sis.

  2. Jennieee, what a fun party to plan!! and to host!!! Have a wonderful evening with your friends in Cali:) Love you...


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