Sunday, October 17, 2010

a rainy day...

wow. finally some rain to cool this parched desert land...
Why is it that on these days a person has NO energy..
well ...'laze around' kind of energy...but not that
'cook a huge Sunday dinner and clean it all up' kind of energy??

I dunno. but all I can say is this. THEE ONLY
kind of energy I have right now is to sit and do

SO.... I think thats what I'll do...

Whats your favorite 'rainy day' thing to do?


  1. A rainy Sunday.... perfect for a book, a sleep or maybe a bit of knitting,crocheting, hand sewing. But probably a good book is the best!

  2. Hey, thank you for stopping by my blog!

    So you're a California girl now. . . my husband is from Oregon and one of my girlfriends lived in LA for five years, so I feel like I know the West Coast well. :-) Say hi to the ocean for me. . . love it love it.

  3. My best-o best-o best-o (my Tubby bears thing to say now when something is his BEST.) thing to do is read a book... I need a book right now to read while I sit beside my woodstove! Any suggestions? xoxo, your big sis

  4. I like to bake on rainy cozy and cheerful in my kitchen with the rain falling just makes me feel gooooood!! JP


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