Wednesday, October 27, 2010

counting my blessings...

- that all I have is a cold and not some terminal disease.
-that I have a house to live in even if its not 'ours'.
-James. (he cooked supper while I slept this afternoon) love you!!!
-that I have a washing machine and I do not have to wash my clothes in the river.
-friends. though I am far away from you I still know 'you are there'.
-for family. though we are spread hither and thither over this earth. I love you too.
-for memories of the happiest child-hood. thanks mum & dad !!!
- that even though I am not wearing any, I could go to my drawer and find some socks!!!
-my fireplace. its crackling even now!!!
-for you my readers. I love it that you (apparently) love reading about my wild, wacky, weird,whimsical adventures of being a house wife in a 'foreign land'!!!
-and last but of course not least. ZOE !!!
-O yes and I am thankful that she is learning to 'lift-a-leg- outside now instead of on my leg!!!! you go girl!!! :D

ps. I am hosting a 'pink party' with Gold Canyon Friday night! I welcome any 'pink' ideas for food and decorating that are simple!!!


  1. pink is my favorite color... someday i want a whole room decorated in pink... im guessing your pink theme is in honor of breast cancer awareness month... well since u posted a wreath here... mayb a pink wreath on your door. some red hot apple cider to drink. oh and you should wear pink :)perhaps some white (pink) chocolate covered party mix.

  2. I totally looove the idea of a pink wreath!!! thank u!!! and yes! we all are supposed to wear pink to the party!!whoever wears the most pink gets a prize:)

    ps. I had a pink painted bathroom decorated with black 'Paris' stuff!!! James told me I didn't need to ever do another pink room. boohoo:( I love pink too:)

  3. I am counting my blessings too-- You! :) are one big one! Love you Jenn. xoxo


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