Thursday, November 15, 2012

{how i speak} updated

**Just so you know... this post was not made as a slam or to make fun of how people talk or say the words they say. its just a funny story i wanted to tell you about how we say the words we do can make such a difference in the outcome! like- pin or pen. :) **

yes. thats my name.
no no no NOT JAN.
its JENN like hen.

o and could you hand me a pen?
no no no like a WRITING PEN.

do i say my sounds that oddly?!

i fell in love with this simple name yeears ago.for real.years.
i told James a while ago that i someday wanted a baby girl named meg.
he looked at me and fell in love with it too.
and then.
he said.
would you say it

and i said in my quiet timid voice. neither.
its meg.
plain and simple.
and he said
and i said
like the E in pen, or hen, or ben, or ken, or den.

and on and on we went until i told him that it would never ever work to have
a sweet baby girl named Meg
if neither of us knew how to
pronounce her name.

i never knew that one little vowel could make such a life changing difference in my life.


  1. oh dear! i feel your pain!! there are some names that sound very beautiful if you are from the 'deep south'... but since i am from Canada the same name sounds rather harsh and blah! oh well... :) thats why i don't have a child named anne... :)

  2. Jenn! Did I really hear that? You are maybe moving back to Alberta, Canada?? Yahoooo!! That accent thing is a bit confusing I'll agree... When people wear pink up here its pink not peeeenk!:-) And they ask me "pardon me are you saying mouse or moose?" Looking forward to hearing more news hopefully!

    1. Yes Sally yes yes!!!!
      All these crazy words that we don't think we pronounce different :)

  3. amen... AMEN! so SO annoying... my MIL makes fun of me & bag... Oh well, glad i aint the only one!! :)

  4. Jenn- this post made me laugh!! How familiar to me- PIN or PEN?? They are so different. O well- we love our life in the States! Be true to you roots, eh?!

    1. Laugh on sister ;)
      It really is funny isn't it!!!!!

  5. haha well my mom was born in mississippi and my dad from a very grammatically correct Californian family so we make fun of my mom when she says bag... with a long a sound... and many other funny sounding words... but it's worse to me if someone says "i SEEN something" or something equally horrible... correct grammar please LOL

  6. Yes, and I'm from California and when I came to Manitoba they laughed and laughed at me when I said "hill". It's not "heel" they say.... :)And let's not get started on "zee" or "zed"!!!!!

  7. When I was in Florida this summer, some of the youth were teasing me because I said things "flat". What does that even mean?!!!

  8. Ya.(yes, maam.) Better not get me started on this one! But as long as it's all in good humour it's ok.... ;)

    1. Oh now I would like to get you started, you made me curious what you think!!!:)

  9. love this post :) and we mennos down south even have our own accent compared to our southern locals! they say "wuter" we say "waaater" etc. I've lived in FL all my life and get asked all the time if I am from England, Austalia, or Ireland?! I wish! In my dreams! You could use Meg for a middle name so you wouldn't always be sayin' it. :)

  10. Love this post! Lol! Even my own dad teases me and I don't talk funny!

  11. Like your post Jenn. Made me smile. I'm just an ole Canerdian.(I think it was a Californian that called 'us' that) Talk how I talk but then there is also Canadian accents.... ya know.... :) I'll b nice. "there's a moose in the hoose get it oot get it oot.' ok enuf.

  12. Soo funny.... I was talking to a local here one day telling him we used to live "about" 60 miles from Calgary...he interrupted me and said," you take a boat"? I think I burst out laughing! Oops!

    1. why YES! when all the snow melts it turns into rivers of water and we take out 'boats'. hee hee:)


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