Saturday, November 10, 2012

{i turned wimp}

today was a fundraiser event over at our school. people sold yummy food and more yummy food for us to pick from and eat . then afterward people brought nice/cool/fun things to auction off to make more money on  and for us to spend money on.
all i know is that i suck at auctions. i tried to bid on this cool thing and the bid started at $15 and i was happily waving my little number around when KKA-BOOOM the dude said 'who'llgiveme75,75,75'
and i went 'duuude. it was just $20.' and then i set my number down and cried. except i didn't cry because my friends were beside me and they said nice things to me and i said dumb things like 'why do i have to try and bid on this kind of stuff because i suck at it. '
 it only works for me if i'm the only bidder. i learned that lesson today.

o and so the weather? +10C or about 50 Fahrenheit and i FROZE people. i froze. i am from CANADA and i froze in PLUS TEN. i turned wimp.
actually if the truth shall be told. I turned Californian. i didn't wear the proper clothes for the weather.
nuff said.


  1. Eeeek I don't like auction sales like that either. Ebay is more my style!! Just get out your woolie underwear & stay warm!! xoxo

  2. O i'm with you on the bidding's way too scary! Awesome news about you maybe, hopefully, trying to move to alberta!! Hopefully it's the linden area!!

  3. a sweater and flip-flops perhaps? :)

    1. Nearly my friend! Although my toes were covered with a slip on shoe...

  4. You better buck up fast so you can freeze your butt off in -30 with the rest of us here.

  5. I detest auctions too! I ALWAYS end up wanting something that goes sky high... I figure I do my part of the fundraising by making the price skyrocket! :)

  6. Hmm! I really like your standpoint :) maybe that's my new calling;)to help people make lots of money at auctions by bidding every one up!!!

  7. Ya, I stuck my hand up at the latest auction & was the last bidder!! :/ Not sure I got a deal, but I got a little, wooden picnic table for the boys! Fun!


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