Sunday, October 23, 2011

{fridge love}

  How is your fridge door? Full? Stark white/black/stainless with not a thing on it? Fingerprints?
Do Pictures, cards, quotes cover it from top to bottom? or do your prefer it 'blank'?
 My fridge is my 'point of joy' in my kitchen. Is it yours?
 I have pictures of strange creatures created up in his head and drawn out in a bright orange crayon by my blue eyed nephew Coby, a picture of some cowboys , surrounded by the green rolling hills and grass of 'my home',  proclaiming the goodness of Alberta Beef...
Pink Breast cancer magnets remind me of my mums courage to fight and conquer!!! ♥ Wedding Invitations of dear friends scattered across remind me never to forget that feeling of 'young love'... Of course my menu plan is plastered up there too, lest I forget what to cook! A magnet proclaiming that 'NO MAN HAS EVER BEEN SHOT WHILE WASHING DISHES' gives my husband courage to sometimes get his hands wet !
Baby announcements proclaiming the births of new little people! of more little nephews for me - Jaxson, Benjamin, & Joey♥  A bookmark from my mum that says- 'Take care of yourself, you belong to me'... I know how much she loves me...  A quote that I always have loved by Alexander Smith- Love is but the discovery of ourselves in others and the delight in the recognition. uh-huh.
 A post card from 'The Prairies'
Cards sent form friends, my sisters, from all over this continent bring smiles to my face... 'I had this best friend when I was a kid. I got to keep her all my life' yep, Jessi, its true ♥. Crysi and I really will still be this good of friends "when we're old..." that's the kind of friend she is. 
 and a wooden magnet proclaims that its a ' Happy Wife. Happy Life' ;) Good reminder, I guess!! another one tells me that- I should- ' in the rain'. (I try, but it seems that's when the frogs come out.and if you don't understand why that should hinder me, continue on down to the last post I wrote)

 Now do you see why its a  'point of joy'? It's Loaded with love. and I never want to see it empty. If it is, it will mean my life is bleak, I always want my fridge door full. full of happy!

So, is your fridge door full? Does your husband wish it was 'clean'? Whats your favorite thing that is on it right now... ? 



  1. Mine's full of happy! Wedding and birth announcements, pictures drawn by my sponsor child, quotes, cards, weird puppy dog magnets and my ever-changing "To-Do" list. And it's grey and black underneath all of that. Neat post Jenn!

  2. My fridge is always full of many things! My favorite thing right now is a picture of our family by Lucas... we all have big smiles and no arms and our long, thin legs come right out of our heads!! Precious!! Teresa

  3. Love this post! Mine is white but covered, just like my mom's before me. Pictures and school work from my nieces and nephews, poems sent by friends, an Eiffel Tower magnet, a recipe or two, a baby announcement, a two-year old note from a friend, a grocery list, a magnet with Hungarian writing I can't read, a couple others in English that I can, some dried autumn leaves from my mom, and etc.

  4. Hey:) My fridge is my happy spot too!! It's usually full (inside and out lol)!! You wondered how hubby's the full inside that drives him up the wall! The front of my fridge has happy memories magnets.. One from Washington D.C. and one from San Antonio, TX. and they proudly hold up colored pictures from my imaginative 5 year old (why would you have a plain brown or black bear when you could have both PLUS add in some pink!?) and artwork from my Grade 6 boy.. And then a gift cert to Bev's store and ummmm lets see.... Maybe that's about it! Cool post;)

  5. Many (waaaay too many) years ago, in the early morning sunshine I found our fridge door covered with black felt (washable) drawings. There were stick men, sayings, and various artistic endeavours by the soon to leave home son. That is what happens when the teenagers stay up later than Mom!

    I admit my heart sank when I first saw it thinking "will that come off?". But the pictures stayed there for some time for our enjoyment.

    Now the top of the fridge is covered in dust and the door is covered with pictures, magnets reminding me of friends and a prayer "Lord, help me to keep my mouth shut until I know what I am talking about."

  6. Thanks Lexi! Yours sounds happy too:)
    sounds adorable Teresa!!!
    wanderer- Mine is white too. Maybe why I like it covered ;) lol!
    Grama K- I would have been worried too :)

  7. Kathy- yes, mine is too full inside too :) lol! Means we're not hungry right??

  8. I don't like too many thingeees on the outside of my white fridge...but right now there's several birth announcements(the latest 3 nephews for me Graydon, Joey and Benjamin) A Canadian magnet and a pic that a sweet little girl (from here) colored for me and a nice picture that another nephew (Dietrich) drew and faxed over yesterday! After a few days of such fullness, the valuables go into a basket so I can look at them again and keep smiling!! And you surely know what the inside of my fridge looks like!! lol

  9. Jenn, what a FUN post! Love it. My fridge is white. It has lots of STUFF on it. Baby announcements, wedding invites, A CDN sticker, a Banff magnet, a Texas Roadhouse magnet, lots of animal magnets for little boys, a comic that says- 2 ADULTS 3 CHILDREN- GAME OVER. A bill for the Button Room, my Motivated Mom plan for the week, the Pizza Bus menu, 2 faxes from Grami to the boys, a grocery list pad of paper, a "things to be happy about" paper that says Canadian prairies on it & 2 Dr. appt cards. Yes, what a happy fridge I have!! xoxo

  10. I love this post Jenn! My fridge is white with a dirty handle-someone had raspberry jam for breakfast!?? Lets see.... a bday card my 10 year old made me, a note my 12 year old wrote to himself reminding him to clean out the van after school, a chore chart for the kids, an immunization appt. for Saylor, a check for 15$ that I owe a friend for honey, a birth announcement from my sweet nephew Graydon, and a ribbon bookmark that says Best Mom Ever! The bottom half is completely covered with a huge picture Jay made by taping sheets of paper together. As for inside, lets not talk about that! This morning Lindsey opened it and said Mom I think its time you cleaned out the fridge! Her dad would agree! lol

  11. Man! Have I loved hearing whats on your fridges:) Its been fun! :)
    Auntiee- sometimes plain is better :)
    rach- I like 2 adults= game over! LOL
    Beth- I want toast and raspberry jam NOW!!! :)


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