Monday, October 10, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving Day to all my Canadians ♥

Some things I am thankful for-
-my awesome wonderful family. I wouldn't choose any other!!!
-my friends
-the cooler weather
-my sweet darling hilarious nephews!!! Coby, Spencer, Jacob,Jaxson,Benjamin, and Joey♥
-a mailbox (that collects things from my family or from the stores ;) )
-my silly nilly bomb car ;) (thats covered in black grime that the tomato trucks left on the road)
-my 'new' flower bed!! and the people who helped us!
-my Zoe dog
-my mother-in-law. cuz she cleaned my fridge out the other day and now I am suspicious she is cooking me supper :)

What are you all doing to celebrate? If you are not celebrating today.. Whats something you are thankful for?


  1. The list is long but here are a few things: (in no particular order!)
    sun rise
    parents of grandchildren
    freedom in an awesome country
    freedom inside because of Jesus
    oatmeal for breakfast which I shall go and cook now!
    Thanks for the reminder to actually make a note of things to be thankful for. We don't have to look very far to see how good life really is, how much we have not just in terms of 'things' but life itself!
    Have a fabulous week!

  2. Not celebrating yet...but thankful for

    -my husband, who took me out for a Viennese cappuccino this afternoon

    -sisters, who call and make me laugh

    -friends, who make my day

    -pizza, Italian style, baked in a clay oven

    -autumn, with colors and smells to die for

    -email, which brings home closer

    -autumn,(again) with a chance to buy new boots

    -feather pillows and a down duvet cover

    -my whole great life and the One who gave it

  3. You know what I'm thankful for the most...all my boys (all four of them;) my sweet daughterinlove, and all my nieces that make life so worth living!! and my sistas and my friends and and and...and the land of sunshine that I can live in!!!!

  4. O I am soo thankful for soo many things--
    -my best friend & hubby
    -my 3 silly little boys
    -my parents
    -my sisters & brother
    -my house & acreage we live on
    -my car
    -the mountains I live by
    -the sunshine we have here
    -my heritage
    -that my husband is not paralyzed after his fall
    -new friends & old friends
    -& soo many other things...

    xoxo, your big sis

  5. Thanks for the comments :) I was beginning to wonder where you all were!!! I LOVE hearing from you. Makes my day when I see a comment has been added, so pleeease do!


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