Monday, August 6, 2012

{simplified menu}

How many of you think you could cook a whole weeks worth of food with out buying one thing?
Not me because we need milk. and cereal. and bread. otherwise I am going to do it this week.
We are leaving for camping on Sunday and I know I'll have to buy up for that so for our meals up until than I want to use what I have as much as possible!
Yesterday James' Aunt gave me A LOT of fresh peaches. So we will be eating those much to our delight!!!
After many weeks of not posting menu plans I want to start again. We are feeling more and more settled in our house and  it seems like my life is normalizing... what ever in the world that is supposed to mean ?!

I need some recipe suggestions for healthy granola bars. Anybody have one or know where I can find?
How about a super easy bun/bread recipe? I never have made buns but would kinda like to try... The local bakery doesn't 'kick it' for me... So we never eat buns. honestly.
Whats your favorite cereal? Do you worry about the sugar and fiber and all that stuff? or do you just eat it ?! :)


  1. Ok u ask, i give. Chewey Granola Bars ----
    I had a friend ask me for my recipe and this was it.
    They are Good!
    1 c brown sugar Options:Chopped nuts
    2/3 c peanut butter Chocolate chips
    1/2 c corn syrup Peanut butter chips
    1/2 c marg. Vanilla Chips
    2 tsp vanilla Raisins Craisins
    3 c quick oats Dates
    1/3 c wheat germ Coconut
    2 TBSP. sesame seeds Marshmallows
    Sunflower seeds
    Combine first 5 ingr. and blend well. Stir in remain. ingr. and nay 'options', if desired. Press mixture into 9x13 pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 15-20 min or until light brown. Cool and enjoy!!!
    --When it comes to cereal yes to the fibre not so to the sugar. Awe sugar makes it so much gooder :)
    I can give you bun/bread ones too if you like. Maybe someone else has some good ones. I just use my sis's and moms. Found some good brown ones there and moms old faithful bun one.
    Good luck.

  2. fix-it-up from previous comment.
    sorry bout the way the recipe is, here's just the 'options':
    chopped nuts
    chocolate chips
    peanut butter chips
    vanilla chips
    sunflower seeds

  3. I don't eat cold cereal because I despise milk, but I love chocolate Mat-O-Meal and even brought a box back to Romania with me after last furlough. :) I do eat oat bran in the mornings but don't exactly love it.

    Put four T. oat bran in a bowl with sweetener; bring a good goosh of milk to an almost boil and pour over oats. Add a splash of vanilla or almond extract, cover, and let sit a few minutes. Add fruit if desired and eat. You will not be hungry for a long time and you will smile because you ate something healthy, something that absorbs fat and supposedly whisks it away. :)

    1. I shall surely try this:) sounds odd and good at the same time!!!

  4. haha talk about healthy over here... but we eat lots of bran flakes and raisen bran :) :) my sis deanna would like to follow you! her email is


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