Monday, March 5, 2012

{menu plan}

MONDAY- Rotisserie Chicken, green beans, biscuits
TUESDAY- Cheese Ravioli w/ pasta sauce , veggies
WEDNESDAY- You have two choices for supper. Eat out or don't eat.*, **
THURSDAY- chicken tacos
FRIDAY-  Toast n tuna. (mega comfort food) applesauce.
SATURDAY- refer to Wednesday

* I have my appointment in Fresno at 545. go figure.
** I work. and on Saturday its a looong day, and I have not found the wifely instinct YET
that feels like cooking after I spent all day on my feet, working with food.
I secretly think I deserve this night out.


  1. I love your Wednesday and Saturday menu!

  2. me 2, loving your wednesday & saturday menus! although way up north here, i would recommend a slow cooker! we don't have access to eating out like you do.

    1. trust me, the first year the eating out was a huge novelty. but now? Not sure what happened, but the fast food places make me wanna puke!! So now I am very fussy about what and where we eat. Much rather know what I am eating and, yes, I love my slow cooker too!!!


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