Friday, April 1, 2011

{a big joke!!! and a winner!!!}

No. I did not drop off the face of this earth. I was just so busy enjoying the sunshine outside while working with the 'pool-guy' that, yes, this blog got neglected.  So sorry for that! Yesterday the temperature hit a high of 82 degrees. and man, did that feel hot!!! and yes, needless to say parts of my body now have red, crispy skin on them:( I promise to not forget sunscreen again!!

I wish I had a big joke to tell you, but I don't, so I guess that is the joke :) lol.
It's April fools day so I can do what I want!!!(was that mean?)

Home Depot is 'bringing back Black Friday' here in our parts today, and all of their bedding plants are on for $0.99!!!! So I am going to drive over to my nearest one and do a bit of shopping!

Teresa is the winner of my last auction!!! Three cheers for you!!!

 Happy April Fools day!!

Tell me what is your favorite prank? Done to you or that you did??!!

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  1. My fave April Fools joke...Ike was 3 months old and April 1 came around so I seized the opportunity and told Darryl "I'm pregnant!" He believed me 100% and was NOT excited! I let him believe it for the whole day and finally..."APRIL FOOLS!!!!" I don't think he's forgiven me for it yet :) Laura


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