Tuesday, July 26, 2016

{fun things}

- I got 2 new nieces in the past month! Emerson and McKinnley
- I get to meet Emerson in about 12 days! 
- we spent 13 glorious rain filled happy days in Alberta 
- Alberta summers just rock
- it was 90 degrees in my kitchen this afternoon! Thankful for outdoor grills to cook food on!
- Tess and I picked tomatoes today! Yum yum!
- I froze about 30 bags of peaches Saturday. Thankful for friends who let me have free ones off their trees!
- the Cat & Jack clothing line at target has me captivated! So so cute and fun!
- we need tips for traveling with a toddler! Road trip to Alberta in a week! 
- Seeing all my Friesen cousins soon! 
- my legs are also commonly known as "a slide".
- the bathroom floor got washed twice today. Once with cleaner and once with "bath water". 
- home made bath paint is a great baby sitter these days!!
- I had a block fed to me numerous times in about 5 minutes time. It was first a phone, before it became "very nummy cake, open up big mommy!", and then ice cream and then " you need medicine mommy, you have a very sick tummy." 
- the basil in the garden is blooming. I hope that's ok... I know nothing. 
- it is a cool 75 degrees now and I'm going to sleep. 


  1. Love hearing about Tessa!!! Love her so much! Can't wait till your back home again!

  2. Thanks for stopping by and I did read that you have to mold the My Pillows to suit your comfort. Hubby seems to be enjoying his and I've gone back to my contour pillow. Nice to meet you!

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