Thursday, September 6, 2012

{ the 'key' is}

I lose stuff. all.the.time.

I know I know it's because I have this awful habit of not setting stuff in the same place everytime, or not back where it belongs right away. I hate myself for it.

I lost the house keys.
Yes. Honestly we only have ONE key. and we are two people. and Now the one key that we did have is gone. So.

I pulled out my $5 purple wooden ladder (that I painted black before James could see it. )
and crawled  did a very awkward thing called 'heffalumping' (do you get what I mean?) through a window.
Nothing graceful, modest, or womanly about it.

But I made it in.

Now I am wondering if maybe this is when I tell James-
"We should invest in one of those cool door knob thingys where you punch in a code to enter your house instead of using a key?!"

What do you think? ;)


  1. LOL!!! I'd have loved to watch this feat!! Kudos to you for actually figuring out a way to get in!! Definitely the keyless entry sounds like a super-duper deal! Thanks for bringing a smile to my face;)

  2. I just had to grin at the this post.... Thanks for the smile!

  3. Yes those keypad thingies are perfect for irresponsible people like me! Now i only have to keep track of my car keys:-(

  4. Ha ha!! Or else get/make a key hook that you ALWAYS hang the key on! And get an extra key made and hide it outside somewhere! This made me smile too :) xo

  5. I get what you mean about heffalumping; I have done it too:) Keyless entry is probably great until you forget the code and can't find your phone to call someone to ask!! And yes I lose stuff too, ALL THE TIME!!

  6. Amen Tina! That would have been interesting to be ur neighbor Jenn :) watching u climb in HA! Hey, I ditto the put a key outside somewhere, it Definitely is worth it time and again.... I happen to know!!!!

    1. the house is empty on that side so no neighbors spying;)

  7. oh dear! its not fun to have a key.... one of my children locked our house door and NO key.... I sat at the neighbours for bout 2 hrs while I waited for a lock smith to come out and let us in!! I would say key-less entry is the way to go!! :) Teresa

  8. ha ha! What do I think? I think I'm going to incorporate heffalumping into my daily language and simply wish you the BEST with James. You continue to be my daily dose of hilarity!

  9. ha ha i truly LOLed at this! i can only imagine how it would feel to be locked out of ur own house and have to hefalump thru a window.... :) we hide a key outside so i haven't experienced this but i have lost my cell phone one night after my husband left and i was quite desperate to find it... Guess where it was? IN THE FREEZER! i had absentmindedly set it in there while trying to fetch something out of it :) so ur not the only one who loses stuff!

  10. Haha!The keyless entry thingys are wonderful, but keep a key outside under a big rock, or just somewhere, cuz if the batteries decide to die, you're outta luck!! And that's when the heffalumping would start all over again :)

  11. We drive an Altima, which means we push a button to unlock the car door or to start the thing. My 'key' stays in my purse and I never take it out. I was just commenting to my husband, yesterday, I think it was, that we needed one just like that for the house. Keyless entry, only better cuz you wouldn't have to remember any code! :)

  12. Yikes! So after righteously telling you that I *always* reply to comments... check this post out:( not well done Jenn. Sorry!
    My next post may have to be on what on earth I've been staying soon occupied with;) xo

  13. Ps. I LOVED all your comments and suggestions. Its been how many days? And yes we foundgot the kayliving and yep. You guessedthe it. We stillfoundgot only haveread ONE!!!!-

  14. Losing things is my demise too.... :( glad you found it again!! Dreaming that our next home/car will be coded instead of keyed as well!


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