Wednesday, May 30, 2012

{my little life}

Outside my window... green grass, playful puppies, a setting sun
I am thinking... that this book work must get done!!!
I am thankful... that the neighbours behind us seem really really nice :)
In the kitchen... my fridge is up an drunning, my microwave is hooked up and the floor is *almost* void of boxes !!
I am wearing...very little. I am dressed though :) It is so hot here. 
I am creating... a new home for James and I. (setting everything up)
I am going... to go to bed. 
I am reading...eeek! Nothing right now. Just finished, At the Scent of Water. In my top 10 faves.
I am hoping... that tomorrow is a beautiful day!
I am looking forward to... all the boxes being gone:)
I am learning… 'to roll with the punches' (it CAN work to live a whole week with out a fridge.)
Around the house... hard-wood floor. original. and beautiful.
I am dreaming about... the week-end :)
One of my favourite things... rest.


  1. Yeah for you to be moved!! :) Love these posts. xoxo

  2. love it when there is a new post from you :)And how exciting for you to move to a new house :) cant imagine life with out a fridge for a whole week?! Not in California in the summer at least...

  3. Jennieee....So excited for you!! Can hardly wait to see your "new to you" house!!


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