Friday, May 30, 2014

{a stroller and a prayer}

First of all... We are in California... James is helping at his parents, doing some remodeling and adding on a gorgeous patio/out door kitchen!!
 Today I found a stroller on Craigslist, a good, top of the line brand- for $20. Yes, $20. I asked them to send me more pictures because I thought- there has to be something wrong with it. Nope, besides normal wear and tear, I got an awesome stroller like the one pictures for $20.  Boom. I'm beyond pumped!!!
 Anyhoo, on to the prayer- this stroller was in Modesto which is, in good traffic, 35 min. away. I went during "bad traffic". And realized after I left that I would not be back in the time I thought. I had not brought a bottle for babes. (I have her in schedule so pretty much know when she'll be hungry) yep, dumb mum move but I did it. And so I prayed, fervently, that she would fall asleep around 6 instead of crying for food...( My Brain/body/hormones have been very much out of control, to the point of being diagnosed with Post Partum Depression. One of my biggest triggers is when Tess cries.  I can handle it for about 5-7 min. I know, sucks to be me right? Well God truly blessed me with a happy baby, for which I am extra grateful. ) I prayed that she would sleep, because I didn't know how I would ever handle it if she cried the entire 45 min back home... God answered my prayer, she fell asleep. I honestly do not think she has ever fallen asleep when she should be yelling for food. I know God was there and I know He knew how much I needed her to sleep... So tonight I am going to sleep with a thankful heart-thankful that He cares about the little things, that He answers prayers, and that I found a smokin deal on a stroller. 



  1. Yes, God cares about the things we call 'little'. Thanks for sharing your experiences of the day. These encourage me too!

  2. It's wonderful to share these answers to prayer. It boosts us all, thanks so much...


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