Saturday, September 25, 2010

hello from mexican-ville, california

ya. are any of you people out there addicted to Mexican music? preferably pop?If you are... come on down :D We have a lovely couple moving into the house beside us...and they looove their music, apparently!!! If one day you see me and I'm singing some  some 'pop' song in Spanish, please, do not look at me funny. I can't help what I hear!!!
 On second thought, I think that this couple is seriously dedicated. They have worked hours on this house. It has sat empty (foreclosed) for over a year. Do a visual here. Imagine. Grass that is not watered or mowed for a year. Well it's actually not even called  grass anymore... Well the first day they managed to clean that ALL up. There were hideous shrubs growing in the front of the house that seriously had grown up to the roof. key word- over-grown. I should see if I could have the before and after photos. I promise you would be impressed!! They are doing a super job!!
 Now I am going to sign off because- I just down-loaded new software for my Silhouette machine and I am going to CREATE!!!! yeah!
hasta la vista-
Senoras and Seneoritas


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