Saturday, September 11, 2010

french toast...and sugar and flab and blubber.

honestly...its ok to eat french toast at 3 o'clock in the it not?? yup it is. BUT  only when-

#1- you had very awful 'flu' like symptoms the night before (and didn't keep any of that o so good smoked pork down. TMI??)

#2- your husband left you at home (because you told him to because you didn't want him to miss out on the fun,because you are sick...because.because.because...) while he went to the air show in Sacramento
sorry.its all gone!

#3- you done lost your only piece of communication with the world- your cell phone (o I guess I still have Skype, eh!?) yes, trully. my precious cell phone is GONE. disappeared right under my nose. I had it one second and the next...well. ya. that was 2 and 1/2 days ago already and it still hasn't turned up amidst the total upheaval of our house, parents-in-laws house, and our

So with those 3 veeeeery outstanding 'problems' I decided I could use some  A LOT of 'ooooey gooey goodness' with a teensy weensy  bit of French toast!!!! Hello. you mean you didn't know that? of course. the only reason you even make the 'french toast' is so that you can DUMP on that 'oooooey gooey sugary goodness' on top!!! Well actually only when you have the exact same 3 problems as I did. yup. than you can. you don't even have to ask yo momma on this one! just do it. at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. bring on the sugar, baby !!! and the carbs, and the fat, and the chubby belly, and the flab, and the calories....


  1. yum... you NEED to try crepes- with powdered sugar, REAL whipped cream, and syrup. Oh,and fresh peaches. YUM. That's what I just made the other day. XOXO Rach

  2. well at least if you use brown bread for your healthy snack!!!!


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