Monday, September 27, 2010

you wanna see my new 'baby'??

Trully. Saturday September 25, was one of the happiest days of my life. I'll tell you about it!!

  James' brother was visiting, so I had his family over for 'brunch'. Which was wild and wonderful, and crazy and whiny all at the same time. (the 5 year-old was whiny,not me) Than James' mom and I decided to hit some yard- sales.( this might or might not have been a set up) Around 2, I told her I was done. Ready for my house. and to hang out with hubs for a while... But, no! Here he was in town. but I went home any- how. (a womans work is never done) Soon he was home... He kept asking me what I wanted for my birthday, and than he even told me he had called my mum to see what I would want!
 His brother asked him to do a run on the truck for him around 6. So, being as we hadn't eaten supper yet, we headed over to McDonalds for some quick-food. BUT. we didn't stop at McDonalds. No-siree. We drove right by. and on through the gate in to James' parents sub-divison. and this little (ha) wife said- why are we here?. and the husband replied.- to kill some time. and the little wife thought - my how strange, I thought we were supposed to go drive truck. So the little wife went inside with her husband. and she wondered why he just kept holding her hand...I mean she liked it alright. it's just that ya. We don't normally just hold hands and walk through the in-laws house and go straight to the office. No, we don't. but of course unsuspecting little wife just thought husband needed the computer. but when husband opened the door...the little wife wet her pants. well no. really she didn't.I know that she didn't but. She was totally shocked. for there looking up at
her was THEE darlingest little Cocker Spaniel puppy. and yes. it had a bow tied around it's neck. and husband said. It is for you, from me.and I knelt down and I looked into that little girls eyes and I was smitten. SHE IS MINE. and I am soooo in love.
 I named her- ZOE. she is 6 months old and weighs 14 pounds. the biggest she'll get (says the lady who owns the parents) is 20 pounds. So she is almost full grown already.
 She  cries when I go into the bath-room with out her, and when i'm walking around the house she is literally on my feet.
 She adores me. and I adore her.
...and they lived happily ever after... the end.
or whatever.she has to be 'potty-trained' yet :D lol.


  1. What a lil cutie....she's ALMOST as cute as Peggy;) You are one lucky lady!!! What would we do without our puppies?! Doggy hair, here we come!!

  2. I love the last line "She has to be potty trained yet"!!! So cute...and so frustrating!! I'm sure we haven't heard the end of that!! Lol But you will love her through all of it!! JP

  3. I think that you have a wonderful husband who loves you, understands you and wants so much to help you adapt to that new 'neck of the woods'.

    Way to go James!

  4. amen! Grama K. !! I think the world of him!!!! and yes JP. i'm sure you will hear more potty training episodes from me :D auntie! cocker spaniels don't shed :) yeeehaw!!

  5. Awwwwwwww!!! Oscar has a cousin!!!!

  6. ha! Lexi, you are right ;D that gave me a laugh!!!

  7. Your Zoe is so CUTE! A cocker spaniel is on my dog wishlist for SomeDay. :D

    In reply to your comment on my blog--because I don't think it will let you know that I replied-- No, I've never been to PEI, but I'm a longtime fan of Anne Of Green Gables. I recently watched the movies again, and I'm trying to find the books so I can read those again!

  8. WE LOVE OUR COCKER SPANIELS, Don't we sister??!! Welcome to the family, Zoe! :) Rach

  9. And I- love, love, love, your niece is one gifted gal in expressing herself! Glad you like your dog; glad it's your dog. I don't doubt it will get more attention than my neighbor dog who lives alone...the guys come and go, but the dog? It has to stay! Toodle-doo!


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