Friday, September 10, 2010

its fall...

is it really September? it was just barely June!!!  way to much has happened in my little life in the last year n half.waaay. to.much.  (key word being- way. or weigh? maybe i should have done that more often. laugh) I've gained way to much weight for my liking. Ate as much food as I've wanted and worked hard to keep my husband happy and also sat around while he worked. Iv'e spent way to much money and saved not near enough. James and I have now been married 1 whole year and 5 whole months today, exactly! On Friday, April 10, 2009. wow. time flies.
 and now it's September and if you live anywhere in the southern part of North America most of your 'garden centres' are now selling MUMS. red ones, yellow ones, orange ones... you name it they got it...(i think, don't blame me if they don't) All I have is yellow ones and i want some red ones to spruce up my life!!!
 It's fall and we are moving! Moving into a different house!!! James' bro. and sis. are going up to Northern Ca. to be teachers/missionarys at a little outpost our church has up there somewhere and so we are moving into their spacious 3 bedroom town.. that is my only beef about it is that it's in town but!! I will get used to that too!! we are getting it for dirt cheap rent so I will be happy!!! I am happy actually!! cuz I've been craving more muchly much, now i'll have my own room to set up all my scrapbooking stuff!! yeehaw!!!
 ok i'll be quiet now... this is another rambling post from the rambler! so long my friends.

ps. if you have a good cinnamon bun recipe can ya let me in on it?? i need one really bad!! thanks:)


  1. jennieee, do you have a bread maker? i think you do...anyhows, in the friesen ckbk, i have a bun recipe and (i think it's the first recipe actually not gonna go check) i use the bread machine just for the dough part and it makes good buns....the amount of flour is right for alberta, you MIGHT have to adjust it to cali. good luck with your move...wish we could come and help you;) when i told your unc that you invited us for thanksgiving, he said, "we have to wait that long?!"
    nightie night...oxox

  2. sorry, just remembered...your bread machine is probably packed away in a box in the basement in alberta in your parent's home on the prairie...
    maybe you could use the recipe anyways...using a mixer or punch it with your fists.
    good luck

  3. aprairiegirlincaliforniaSeptember 11, 2010 at 8:19 AM

    hey i DO hav a bread machine!! but i have NO cookbooks:( (besides pioneer womans website:))

  4. let me know if you want the recipe. i'll be home most of day except later on when we take pizzas to an orphanage in mexico for an early supper:) i called your mom cause i thot your dad would like to go with!!!

  5. Hey Jenn, I have the BEST bread machine cinnamon bun recipe. It's on my recipe blog:

    I always make the dough and shape them Saturday night, then bake them fresh Sunday morning. They are light & fluffy and everyone LOVES them; they've never flopped yet! If you want an icing recipe I can give you that, too :)

    P.S. I had no idea Sawyer was born on your first anniversary!! Cool ;)

  6. hey thanks Margi!! I will try it! and i didn't catch on to that either, guess we were to busy 'honeymooning":) lol. i will be trying your recipe!!let ya know how it works!


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