Wednesday, September 29, 2010

today in (hot hot hot) california...

today it is so (blistering, skin burning) hot here...
...seriously folks.(I am being serious)
 this is September (supposedly fall/autumn)
 the 29th  (basically October).
 and the thermometer (the thingy that tells you how hot or cold it is)
 showed 98 (veeeeery very near to 100)
 (whopping hot) degrees.
yup. very very warm.( very)

Hence. I went swimming.
(in a refreshing pool.)
(duh. you knew that.)

and tommorow (or the next day) (James hasn't told me for sure) we are going Here!!!
Carmel Beach, Carmel-by-the-sea, California

so I will not complain.. toodles...

extra activity for those thus minded- count the parentheses... LOL.


  1. Have fun, Lady, I wish I was with you...

  2. So hot!! Make it stop!! :p Enjoy the ocean!

  3. Hey EVERYONE that reads Jenn's blog its her birthday on Oct. 2nd... Give your best wishes! Jenn- have a great weekend with your friends & have a very happy birthday- you deserve it! XOXO your big sis. :)

  4. o how funny are you sis!!! maybe i should delete that comment :D ha ha ha.

  5. Don't envy your heat...but...Carmel is lovely!! JP


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