Wednesday, September 22, 2010

my FAVE IKEA finds...

Good Morning my friends! I got seriously inspired this morning with my best store (rated right up there with Target!!) , IKEA!(how'd you guess?)Are you ready for a shopping spree??!! lets go! Here is just a few of the things I've gotten from there that I could never do with out!!! Theres way more things I have that I could not do with out ( like my most bestest fleecey blanket) but I didn't want you to get to bored and/or I had to save some for next time! laugh! 
I am in a full- blown relationship with these lamps. LOVE. them.

a light-weight towel holder for that bathroom that you don't want to
put a holder on the wall!! simple and charming!

at a whopping $5! you can not go wrong.
Honestly. this pan will cook a frozen solid chicken breast in 10 min. (approx.)
(if it doesn't work for you. you are not allowed to blame me if you get sickish
if you are old enough to read this than you should also
be able to tell when a chicken
breast is done cooking!!)
seriously. GO GET IT!!!!

love the colours and the price!!

super sweet little (and big) bag clamps
cheese-graters- 2 of them!! 2 sizes!!and one lid so that you can just leave your  grated cheese in a container!!
CHEAP!!! awesome little juice cups. love these!have 2 sets !!
a little syrup pitcher or a big one too!!
ok.seriously, ladies. at 49 cents  for all 3??!! wow.
my dish set. love love love it.
ok. I've never seen this chic of baggies for this cheap at Target!! 
a perfect bag (at 99cents) for throwing stuff into when your'e moving :D
yes. this is on my wish list. it is so... charming!!
the dresser we bought to go with our bed*
see bed here
ok NOW. this time I want to hear about your favorite finds at this WONDERFUL store!!!!!! 

 note- I am simply showing this all to show you what I love about this store. I do not work for IKEA , although I wish I did :D 


  1. yo jenn i am all about ikea too!!! how bout a shopping spree together. seth has to put up with me everytime we're around one as i beg to go. Nic

  2. lets go Nic!! how about the one in Calgary??!! :D

  3. I love those cheese graters...and that syrup pictures looks cheery with flowers stuffed into it too. Hooray for you new bed!!

  4. I just got their 2011 catalog - I need to go shopping!

  5. You may not work for Ikea but you are doing excellent advertising!

    The JD salesman HATES Ikea. He says they get you in there and you can't get out! He is not much for shopping at any store except Princess Auto!
    go figure.....


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