Monday, September 13, 2010

moving ideas??!!

ok so were moving across town probably the end of this week and it's not like we have a HUGE amount of stuff..but I am VERY open to any suggestions and tips you guys have to make packing and moving simpler,easier, ...ect. 
  I'm ready for ya - fire away!!! 


  1. Just load up your pickup every time you drive over to the 'new' house, soon just the big stuff is left!! You will have to box up some stuff and that you should mark clearly what is in each box so people know which room to put it into. (that is IF you have people helping you!) Wish I could come help you... Have fun. XOXO Rach

  2. I just moved and I found that big black garbage bags are good for short trips. They hold lots and you can re-use the garbage bag. I also pack fragile things in tea towels or any linens for that matter. It cuts down on paper waste and kills two birds with one stone when it comes to packing things.

  3. well i found just simply packing it box by box and putting them in the old white paddy wagon and driving over OH(you can borrow the van if you want) and unpacking it directly to the cupboards was HUGE also just transport full dresser drawrs yourself half the work and nobody else needs to see them. just stack them in bdr till the men bring furniture...oh ya and dont let your kids break their arms on moving day..ha ha ha

  4. thanks for the advice darla!! i'll try to get my kids to stay with a 'responsible' babysitter who doesnt let them do anything.... hahahaha.. good idea with dresser drawers.. i was wonderin what i should do with them!


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