Thursday, September 2, 2010

will that (really) be all for you??!!

thought for the day- why do cashiers in stores always say when you hand your purchases to them- Will that be all for you? -  I can't decide if they are trying to make me feel guilty that I ONLY bought some specialty honey and a bottle of lotion (at Marshall's) or what... Or maybe just maybe they had a camera pinned on me while I drooled over the 'red checked plates with the black and white polka dot salad plate dinner set' and now she is asking me slyly if I am sure that I don't want it will we ever know??  so when they ask me next time "is that gonna be all for you today?" i'm going to put nose in the air and my shoulders back and say - YES, MAM. because I could have LOADED a whole 3 cartloads to buy, but my trusty self- denial kicked in, and I bought only what I really wanted- white honey- made by bees who ate Canola!!!! Yup, I found it again right here in my Marshall's! Happy Thursday to all...from the rambler who is thinking this post doesn't even really make sense, but who cares- it's just Thursday, eh?!!


  1. LET'S GO SHOPPING. XOXO, your big sister :)

  2. You are SO funny, Jennieee...I don't even have to sign my name and you know who I am right?!!
    I'll see if this works and if it does...beware...more comments will be a com-ing:)

  3. it worked auntie;) lol.

  4. Lol, I have no idea why they ask that!! Shouldn't they ask me that as I leave an aisle instead of when I leave the store?? :)


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