Thursday, September 16, 2010

this hilarious.

this is not him.
my nephew who is going to be turning 2 in Nov. is the silliest goober guy I have ever known. (next to Kaiden that is.) The other day his mommy was 'helping' him say grace at supper time... this is how it went. (by the way- this kid LOVES cookies. looooves them.) Mommy says ' Dear Jesus, thank you for the food.......' spencer, without missing a beat says- AND THE COOKIES!!!!!


  1. Spencer actually LOVES LOVES LOVES ALL FOOD. I'm doomed. Help me. Jenn will you please come be my live-in cooker lady for the rest of my life??? Please?

  2. Mother- of -Spencer...... rejoice that he loves food! I had one picky eater who now has a son who will devour most anything (how did that happen?) and then at least 3 other grandchildren that come to meal time rather cautiously. I feel so sorry for the parents......

  3. aw...gotta love Spencer, eh? big boy? He's gotta eat so he can keep up with his big brother! I have the bestest familieee;)


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