Thursday, September 23, 2010

Health Care.

I just read the news! 'The' health care plan is starting its second step here in America!!!and I realize a lot of Americans are totally against it, and it saddens my little heart... I miss Alberta Health so so so much. Please you, Canadians. DO NOT take it for granted.
  Just the other day I heard again of a lovely young couple that had to scoop out * LISTEN TO THIS* $16,000. that is 1000 x 16. just to HAVE A BABY!!! seriously.
  I've heard so much talk between countries about all this health-care stuff and it drives me nuts. Canadians think that in America IF you have insurance (which if you can't get it from your employer, and you need maternity on it, you will pay $400 a month.) than you never have to wait in Emerg., that you get insane good care and private rooms when you have a baby, ect. ect. It's not all true. These people here, pay out the wazoo  (unless you are very low income) and they still wait for Dr. appointments. And just the other day a friend told me ,she's pregnant, that the hospital she's signed up to go to when she delivers is so overfull that they are setting up little partitions between labouring mothers. You can hear all that is going on in the next 'room' ... Now if that wouldn't add to the stress of labour... I don't know what would. (I should know. lol. I have no kids) This is in America.
 On a good note this new 'plan' is going to let women get mammograms for FREE!!! It's about time!!
And this plan is also creating a law that if a kid gets a terminal disease and his parents are not on insurance (which they'd have to be, There's NO Alberta Cancer Board, to pick up the receipts) an insurance company can not turn them down, they have to accept the child. Great!!
 And in Canada, you Americans. Do not believe the stuff the media tells you about our health-care. It's not true. I'll give you some examples that will stand up for our health-care. (its FREE)
 Approx. 3 -4 weeks before my wedding I found out I had some womanly issues that would need to be dealt with and I would have to have surgery. I went to my Dr. Dan, and he got me hooked up with a Dr. in Calgary. That Dr. checked me out and told me his surgery day at the hospital was in a week (approx.) I went home and in a week I was back in the city for my surgery. and about 2 weeks later was my wedding. I was healed. You can't tell me that wasn't good. I got excellent care. I did not lay out in a hall way on a bed,  and I did not wait 6 months for surgery.
 About 3 months ago when James and I were living in Alberta still, and I was working full time, I came down with a severe sore throat. And being as I was working as a Nurse Aid,I knew I  wouldn't be able to work in that condition. So I decided that I would 'nip it in the bud' and go see if it was strep. I walked into  Emerg. at about 10:30 pm went to the desk, signed it. A nurse took me straight to a 'room'. Did all the things he was supposed to do, The Dr. came checked me out. Told me my diagnose. And sent me home. I was back home in 45 min. You can't tell me that wasn't good as well.
 I realize not everyone has good experiances. But hey, in my opinion I sure would sooner wait in Emergency for 2 hours and know that I will get checked and that I will not have to dish out $5000 just because I went in.
Everybody has their own opinions- but now you know mine. I MISS ALBERTA HEALTH.  and I realize once again I was rambling with my thoughts... So long...


  1. Thanks for the comment! Cute blog :)

  2. Jenn, I think a lot of people's 'opinion's' depend on a lot of things...for one attitude. There are always the folks that can see only the negative in every single situation and will have such a jaded opinion on whatever they are talking about. We've experienced our share of 'mistakes' with the health care system, but really, we should be nothing but grateful for what we have. We are so blessed to live where we are!

  3. I agree Cheyenne! I realize everyone has their own experiences!!!and opinions!! thanks for that!!I'm just excited that they are making moves down here, like the free mammogram thing!!

  4. Don't get me started Jennieee!!! Cheyenne is right that we should be grateful....but sometimes, it's oh-so-hard!! We actually had good 'luck' going to emerg too back in CANADA, but scheduling a dr.'s appt was ridiculous. Here we go to hospital and the first thing they ask is what kind of insurance do you have....I haven't decided what I like better...

  5. Don't get me started on the insurance subject... My baby's have cost us $5000 each and that is with insurance...


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