Thursday, September 16, 2010

The day of smiles...

this was not the case.i.promise.
Yesterday was a good day.I got a 'new' phone!!!! and my house got cleaned!!!!! The only parts that were not good were- I had to wake up at 6am. and I was helping Emily (my sis-in-law) pack. But the good SO out weighed the bad that waking up at 6am. was  forgotten by noon!                 I wasn't planning on going along with James but when he woke up he told me he really was not feeling well so my softy mushy gushy heart poked out to him and I said I WILL go with you!!! Unbeknownst to me as soon as I said those words he was coniving a plan.                                                We got home around 12:30 (noon) and he kept telling me... When are you leaving for Emilys? Get over there or else you won't be of any help. So after checking emails, cleaning up this n that. I left. I was gone all afternoon, entertaining my nieces with cheerio tea parties and keeping watch over the boxes that were already packed!!!                                                    Around 530 I drove home to my little house and locked my pickup.(ggrrr.) and walked in to my house to see my husband. (yes. I am alive. I am not in some fantasy land of wives. I was in my OWN HOUSE.and my eyes were open. and I was breathing.) He was standing at the kitchen sink washing my HUGE pile of dishes. yup. (he is mine.mine. and only mine.) than. its not finished yet ladies. than my eyes kept wandering and my nose was sniffing. Ladies some hard core cleaning had gotten done while I was away. Everything was NEAT. the floors were vacuumed and swept.the laundry basket was empty.(he STILL is mine.) I went up to him and hugged him. I honestly had NO words. none. well except I did say this. O actually I'm not even gonna tell you what I said. Cause. ya . you know what I all said. I mean just imagine what you would say to your husband should you come home to find him washing your dishes ect. ect.  Imagine...
  He told me that he was sooo happy I went along with him on his route and he knew I wanted to go to Emily's and he knew I wanted my house clean before we left for the weekend... He knew. and He loved me so much that He did it. I am overwhelmed. Completely.


  1. awww.....i read that to my hubby....we shall see!!!

  2. I would probably hang onto him for a long, long time!! What a keeper! Jer thinks the world of him, so maybe I should point him to this post?!!!!

  3. my hubby's comment when i told him about it was are you hinting? what can i say??! jenn i will say hi,cuz i know how i felt when i was writing on jenna's caring bridge alot and people would comment later on it and i had no clue they had read it!! (seems to me we discussed this once)... i love your blog and keep the posts comin... anne

  4. Yes, he is a keeper. When my hubby semi-retired, he took over most all the jobs in the house except the laundry. He wants to do that too, but forgets the rules of wash this with that and don't ever dry this.

  5. thanks for the comments guys:) love it!!! you totally made my whole WEEK:)


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