Sunday, July 22, 2012


I was challenged by fellow blogger and dear dear friend  to write 15 things about me that you (most likely) do not know...
It got my brain going.
Here goes...

1. I weigh more than I look. Like think 15 - 20 pounds more than what you think. (if you know what I look like ;)

2. I tend to head to Target or Marshall's around the corner when I am feeling sad, lonesome, or just down. I do not have to buy stuff to shake it, I just have to 'get out'. (although I often do buy.)

3. I hate to spend more money on something than is necessary. Like a sweater I know will go on sale, I'll wait. Toilet Paper?  I do NOT buy the cheapest, you have to wad  it up so much you end up using 3 times as much!!! Fabric softener, I do not buy the 'off brand' it has to be Downy. ( trust me I have tried it!!) Sugar- Market Pantry ( the 'off brand' at Target grocery) works fine instead of spending the 1.50 more to get S&H brand. Tea-Bags- sure the off brand is fine but- You have to use twice as many so whats the point. I buy Liptons and spend the $2 more.

4. I would much sooner be painting signs or designing wall art than cleaning. I would also sooner be cooking than cleaning. and if some one offered to sew me a dress in exchange for me cleaning their house. I'd do it in a heart beat. I can not stand a dirty house. But the deepest parts of my creativity have the stronger pull so yes, my house is not as clean as my brain tells me it could and should be.

5. The time I spent in Gallup, New Mexico at the home for abused and neglected children holds a HUGE place in my heart. Huge. I was my very favorite person while I was there. I have never  again been that same person and I hope someday to find a place that makes me to be that person again.

6. Do not dis my country. Canada. The hair on my neck (do I have hair there??!!) will stand up and yes. I will speak. very loud. Also don't ask me ' so when are you going to 'Canada' next?' ( I will then inform you that the country of Canada is waaay huger than the U.S., and I possibly in a very dry sarcastic voice will say something, well, very sarcastic.) I am from Alberta. It's a province. My country has a Prime Minister. and it is beautiful there...

7. I have always wanted to be a R.N. I still dream of it, often. But right now, if I could just be a nurse aid again I think I could be happy :)

8. I will not wear the colour 'baby blue'. I very much dislike it on me.

9. I drive very very nicely here. Stop the full 3 seconds at every.single.stop sign. (much,much to the dismay of my supposedly laid back husband.)  Driving 110 km/h or about 70 m/h is fast!  ( I may or may not still be part Baerg?!?!)----Because I still use my Alberta drivers license.

10. It is hard on me to buy something that has 'high fructose corn syrup' in the ingredients. That word if I say it slowly sounds like ' Your kids will all be born with diabetes' to me. I am kinda turning into a partial piece of a health nut.

11. I drive a '97 Honda. The wheels on it are worth more than the car. I call it my 'Bomb'. with all due respect, of course.

12. I used to love crowds and being with people...but when I moved to California I sorta became a 'home body'. I love being in my house. It's safe and no body can see me. Although, I do not like to just sit all day with nothing to do...(unless I have a good book I am reading)

13. I work with James,  he services swimming pools on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We go into about 75 back yards every week. Skim leaves, brush all the sides, test the chemicals and make sure the equipment is working. Some pools are plain, with just concrete and water. Some back yards are really truly like those you see in magazines. Waterfalls made to look like the mountain ones, out door kitchens, water slides, and exotic plants. I do a lot of 'back yard' dreaming :) (pun any body?) Monday and Friday are my days off but, I have been waitressing Thursday and Fridays eve's at a restaurant here. Plus I have my Etsy store. ( I keep busy.)

14. I am the 5th child out of 6. The 4th daughter. I am told by others that I fit into my family perfectly. My family tells me I am adopted. go figure.  ( at least they are honest eh? :) ) I grew up building towns in the sand box and tee-pees in the trees. I am told I could carry a tune at a young age and read a lot more books than the average 10 year old. Driving a combine and learning to 'use the can' out in the middle of a wheat field are all part of my story :)

15. somebody  told me that Verbena could grow in shade. some body was so so wrong. :(

16. I have a set of golf clubs that are mine. (how strange)


  1. ...and I grin and grin...

    love you to absolute pieces.

  2. Love it! Keep writing! Its a joy to read;) You sound like a busy lady:O Take care... I'm trying to decide if I'd sew a dress for you if you'd clean my house.. Haven't decided yet lol!!

  3. Love your list!:) #4 is me totally except I don't think I would clean someone's house in exchange for sewing. I don't mind cleaning my house too much, but someone else's? No thanks!

    1. No trust me I would not just clean anybody's house either... Only special people :)

  4. That perty much says it sister!! Should I add to your list about YOU??!! At a very young age you would silently cry when any sad song was sung... at a very young age you could sing along to lots of "adult" songs... you were a very happy child... (you still are!!) And you have a nephew (that is my son) who is very much like you!! ;) We love you just the way you are and couldn't live without you!! xoxo
    O and to add to #6- Do NOT talk negative in any way about our country Canada in front of Jenn- You WILL get an ear full. The end.

    1. i know and I love him to pieces...
      Glad you love me too:D

  5. Never mind CANADA, what about the province of Alberta!! I defend that one also! I learned from you the parts of #3 like saving money buying nice things that you like!! but also somewhere you didn't write....... about just being yourself and not caring what other people think. That's been a value to me!!!Thanks Jenn.

    1. yes, yes, always defend it!!
      I wish I was still as much like that as I used to be...

  6. This post reminded me again why we love you so much! Keep on being JENN!

  7. I suppose I will, because it seems the ones that really truly love me still do even though I am an odd ball ;D

  8. I like this list! I most relate to #5, 8 & 12.

    #5. I've never spent time at a children's home but I felt that way about teaching school, that I was my best person then.

    #8. Self-explanatory.

    #12. Once you've gone introvert, can you ever go back?

  9. You call yourself an oddball...hmmm,...I've been told you look like meee, act like I am an oddball too, LOL...that's ok, cause I FEEEL like I'm an oddball often...AND I too am a homebody, feel safe where no one can see me...and I can stay at home days on end and still be happy BUT then 'allofasudden' I need to get out like your #2!! Last, but not least, you know I LOVE YOU DEARLY just the way you are:)

  10. Loved this post - feel like I know you! :) totally relate on the cleaning thing, and getting out to a store to chase away the blues...even Family Dollar will do it for me in a pinch!


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