Monday, July 2, 2012


Outside my window... HOT sun. clean car. re-planted flowers
I am thinking... that I shouldn't have eaten that 2nd cookie :s
I am thankful... that my cut wasn't worse, and that I was able to fix it up my self. **
In the kitchen... only a *few* dirty dishes. Brown rice cooking in my rice cooker.
I am wearing... the comfiest maxi-dress I bought at Marshall's. 
I am creating... a painted wedding memory board.
I am going... focus on getting stuff done before 5:30. 
I am reading...Country Living :) waiting for some 'new' books to show up on Amazon!!!
I am hoping... that this baby shower I have to go to tonight goes smooth and that I don't suffocate ;) lol.
I am looking forward to... Jon and Chy's wedding :)
I am learning… to use a scissors to open packages. NOT a knife.** 
Around the house...Clean clothes, that are folded and ready to be put away. My palm sander, paint and brushes. 
One of my favourite things... My white watch James bought me from Charming Charlie :)


  1. Hmmm...those baby shower thoughts sound strangely familiar:/ good luck...

  2. Love these posts of yours!! :) Simple and sweet. xoxo

  3. Sounds like you cut your hand quite badly... ouch! And I sure like the whole picture you give with words; your house sounds welcoming... And I wish we could be at Jon's wedding...


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