Sunday, July 29, 2012


Thankful today for-

-my cell phone which lets me easily and conveniently communicate with my family and friends via text message or instant chat or actual talking :)
-that James taught me to use the 'big saw' and that I can cut my own wood for my projects and not have to wait for him!
- This house. yes, this green, lovely, hard-wood floor laden, yellow-tiled house. this. house.
- My computer.
-air conditioner.
-My big yard. hello 0.56 acres. IN TOWN!!! seriously. 4 years ago I would have rolled on the floor snorting if some one told me that 0.56 acres was HUGE. Well, I am here to tell you today.
-My vinyl cutter.
-the lovely people who find my little store on etsy . I love working with them on their special orders.
-that James fixed our bikes and now we can ride... again.I love riding bike.
- That our friends want us. James & I. to go tenting with them. (rare sighting.)
- they claim there is no bears or any wild animals where we will go camping. and that we will ride bikes down to a very awesomely cool swimming hole.

I decided I would tent. Because who can say NO to sleeping beside a creek, and riding bike to a swimming hole? Could it get better?! (ya, a camper.with a door.)

ps. I am not a Friesen for nothing.


  1. Nice words,Jenn! Thankfulness leads to contentment!and to beauty.m

  2. Wow- I was just asked to write something I'm thankful for each day this week & then I come to your blog & read {thankful} on your title! Today I am thankful that I have a husband & 3 little dirty boys to do laundry for! :) (even if there are 7-8 loads to wash, dry, fold & put away!) xoxo

    1. Maybe I should too. This week. Write something every day I am thankful for:) ( Right now I am thankful for my scheming brain that thought of shortening. o how thankful. smirk.)

  3. I am thankful for the sun that is Shining :) My husband and boy. The song we sang last night at church "Peace is the way God expresses love..." Very nice thought. ..... Camping in a tent is fun Jenn. Just did it.!

    1. That song sounds like it has good words... Don't know if I have heard it??!!

      Ya, I know I am sure i'll have fun, just the 'unknown' thing freaks me out!!!

  4. I'm thankful for--- my hubby... for a Air conditioner in the summer... readily available fresh fruit... that someone invented contacts so i can see... friends who feel comfortable enough to borrow from me... and for you Jenn... ur posts are always inspirational and I hope to meet you sometime soon... :)

    1. Roseville Mall this fall some time suit you? It does me :)

    2. Yes :) sounds like a good time...


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