Tuesday, July 31, 2012

{thankful 2}

I am going to try to post every day some things I am thankful for this week...
follow along...

-that I found bran. These muffins are amaaazing.
-iced chai.
-the ability/availability of being able to buy healthy choices of various foods...
-that it cools down in this part of California at night...
-my family. ♥ them.
- that my brother found the sweetest, amazing, funny, best girl to marry!!! I love her like a sis already:)


  1. Today I am thankful for you Jenn!! <3 xoxo

  2. I can hardly wait to meet the girl your bro found! and then that reminds me of my brother, and how thankful I am that he found that 'someone special'.


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