Sunday, December 16, 2012

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 We were stolen from, not too long ago. Remember?
I told James, I told more then him, I told a lot of people.
Why, why, why. If those people are SO desperate for money.
Why don't they ask me for it? Instead of stealing MY things to buy what they want?

 We have two huge trees in our front yard, plus 2 smallish ones, plus oleander bushes all along one side, plus about 8 rose plants, plus 2 or 3 camellias ( i think?)
do you get where I am going?
 This time of year, when snow falls in the north, the leaves fall in California.
Leaves. every where. Then it rained. the leaves were wet and heavy. impossible nearly to 'blow' with the leaf blower...

Then they knocked on the door. 
Two, funky looking teenagers. 
"mam, for $10 we will rake you yard, and put all these leaves in your green buckets".
My grin got large and I say to them- "are you SURE? that is a LOT of leaves."
"we are trying to make money for Christmas"
a-hah young men. You hit the right house. I paid them $25. 
and I applaud their parents for teaching them that it is noble and RIGHT to work for money.
not steal it.

Friday, a hispanic, 30-ish looking man and lady knocked at my door.
Rakes in hand, they asked , "Can we rake your yard for you?"
My heart fell, because I wanted to say yes.
they had that look of  "help-me-please-we-just-want-to-earn-some-cash-to-give-our-kids-a-christmas"
but I zero cash.
I couldn't pay them.
their faces fell.
they had walked the neighbourhood.
searching for work.
no one took the offer.
I wanted to help.
really wanted too.
I asked if they could come back Saturday.
He didn't know.
He left a phone number.
I called him yesterday.
He came today.
He raked the leaves. all 456 zillion of them.
He drank my water in my glass cup.
He told me he had a little boy. 4 years old.
we said a few words.
I paid him.
a rolled up wad of cash.
to make his Christmas a better one.
some how as  I walked back into my warm, happy, green, house,  I felt like I was walking on air....
and that maybe,just maybe,
 I had just paid an 'angel unawares' rake my lawn.


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!! You go girl!!

  2. this is Christmas, the true spirit of Christmas. You brought Jesus to them.....

  3. :) isn't it such fun to give? Merry Christmas and thanks for sharing your stories :)

  4. Awe nice girl!!! Love this post. It brot tears to my eyes. Wish someone would ask me if they could shovel my drive way sometimes! :) of it's S N O W!!!Have a wonderful and Merry Christmas.

  5. Awwww....BLESS YOUR HEART! :) loved reading this post, it made me tear up!

  6. that is so sweet girl! these are the things that truly make it feel like christmas in our hearts.....|

  7. This is beautiful Jenn.... they probably felt like they had been blessed too!

  8. brot tears to my eyes jenn dear!! u rock!! i hope your christmas is doubly blessed for your kindness!!! luv u piles!!!

  9. This 'bout makes me wanna weep, dear heart.


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